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How to Change the Mouse Pointer

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This article shows by example how to change the mouse pointer when themouse is over an object on a form.
You can change the mouse pointer to to a different shape such as anhourglass, cross-hair, or I-beam to indicate that something has occurred orto inform the user that an action is occurring. To change the mouse pointerin Visual FoxPro, use the MousePointer property of an object.

When the mouse pointer is over a particular object, change that object'sMousePointer property to change the mouse pointer into a special pointershape.

Step-by-Step Example

This example changes the mouse pointer into a cross-hair when it is over atext box.

  1. Create a new form.
  2. Place a text box object on the form.
  3. With the text box object selected, click the Layout tab of the Property Sheet.
  4. Change the MousePointer property to 2 - Cross.
  5. Save and run the form.
  6. Move the mouse over the text box and notice the mouse pointer change to a cross-hair.
For more information on the MousePointer property, please search for"MousePointer Property" in the Visual FoxPro Help file.

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