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WinPopup Utility Not Supported In Windows NT

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The WinPopup utility is available in all Windows network client operatingsystems such as Windows 95, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, and Windows 3.1for sending popup messages among computers in the network. However, thisutility is not available and not supported in Windows NT.

To send popup messages among Windows NT computers and network clientcomputers, use the NET SEND command from the MS-DOS Command Prompt inWindows NT as follows:
net send <computer_name> "<message>"

The quotation marks are optional.

To make sure that Windows for Workgroups or Windows 95 clients can receivemessages sent from Windows NT you need to make sure that WinPopupfunctionality is enabled on the client side. To enable WinPopup on Windows95 clients, please refer to 132887. To enable WinPopup for Windows forWorkgroups clients, go to Control Panel>Network then select the Startupbutton and make sure that the "Enable WinPopup" checkbox is selected. ClickOK and then exit the Microsoft Windows Network dialog. Close Control Panel,then exist and restart Windows.

Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server receive popup messages throughthe Messenger Service. You can start the Messenger Service by runningControl Panel and choosing Services. Set the service for Automatic Startupand start the service.

Additionally, there are third-party, shareware Windows graphical utilitiesthat provide a Windows interface for users needing to send messages acrossMicrosoft networks. These third-party applications can be found onCompuserve, typically in the WINSHARE forum. Other sources for suchutilities are on the World Wide Web (WWW). You can use WWW search engineslike Yahoo and Lycos to locate Web sites with these Windows utilities.

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