Audio CD Not Recognized in IDE CD-ROM Drive

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When you insert a particular audio CD in the CD-ROM drive, it may not berecognized and CD Player may not be started automatically, even if theAuto Insert Notification option is turned on.

If you start CD Player manually, the CD-ROM drive light may flashcontinuously, and you may receive the following message:
   Data or no disc loaded   Please insert an audio compact disc.				
Most other audio CDs are recognized automatically.
Your IDE CD-ROM drive is not fully compatible with the ATAPI 1.2specification for IDE CD-ROM drives.
Contact the manufacturer of the CD-ROM drive about obtaining a firmwareupdate to bring the drive into compliance with the ATAPI 1.2specification.

This issue is resolved by the following updated file(s) for Windows 95,and later versions of these file(s):
SCSI1HLP.VXD version 4.00.951 dated 9/5/95 19,189 bytes

A version of this file which resolves this issue is available from thefollowing sources:
  1. As part of the CD Changer update. See the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    140510 Not All CD-ROM Changer Drives Visible in Windows 95
  2. In the Microsoft Windows 95 Service Pack 1. See the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    142794 Availability of Microsoft Windows 95 Service Pack 1
This issue is resolved in Microsoft Windows 98.
More information
The following IDE CD-ROM drives are known to exhibit the behavior describedin this article:
   Manufacturer           Model    Firmware revision   -------------------------------------------------   Panasonic/Matsushita   CR-581   Earlier than 1.04   NEC                    273      Earlier than 4.21				

This behavior occurs with a few audio CDs that are mastered in an unusualmanner. Normally, track 1 begins at the 2-second mark on the disc. On theaudio CDs that trigger this behavior, track 1 does not begin at the 2-second mark. When the Windows 95 CD-ROM driver attempts to locate track 1,the drive reports a status that is not expected under the ATAPI 1.2specification. Based on the status returned from the drive, the Windows 95CD-ROM driver tries to find track 1 continuously, never receiving theexpected result code from the drive.

The following audio CDs are known to cause this behavior:
   Title            Artist   Publisher   -----------------------------------------   Shepherd Moons   Enya     Reprise Records				
For additional information about Windows 95 updates, please see thefollowing article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
161020 Implementing Windows 95 Updates

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