Default Windows Spool Directory and Permissions

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This article discusses the default Windows spool directory and minimumpermissions required for the spool directory.
Windows spools print jobs by default to the following directory as thethey are processed:
The print jobs are then sent to the print device, and each job is deletedfrom the directory once the print job is complete.

It is possible for the administrator of a Windows print server tomanually instruct Windows the location for placing the spool files, iffor example there is a concern for disk space. For additional informationregarding the moving of the spool file location, please see the followingarticle in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
ARTICLE-ID: 123747
TITLE : Moving the Windows NT Default Paging and Spool File
After following the instructions in the article above, the administratormust make sure that the path specified actually exists. If it does notexist, Windows uses the default spool directory.

The directory structure of the new spool file location may be created ona FAT, HPFS or NTFS partition. The spool file can reside on a compressedNTFS directory. If you create the spool file on an NTFS directory, theadministrator can make the necessary changes to the permissions of thedirectory. Minimum requirements for permissions on the directory are asfollows:
   Name                      Type of Access   -----------------------   --------------   Creator\Owner             Full Control   Administrators            Full Control   System                    Full Control				
The default permissions on the directory are as follows:

   Name                      Type of Access   -----------------------   --------------   Creator\Owner             Full Control   Administrators            Full Control   System                    Full Control				
NOTE: The Everyone group does not have full control access on any Windows platform if a computer is joined to a domain. Instead, Users will have Special Access to the folder.

The administrator of the Windows print server does not have to sharethe new spool directory. Specifying the new spool directory in theregistry and the minimum user permissions on the new directory allowsusers of the print server to print their jobs as before. These changesare transparent to the end user, requiring no changes on their part.

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