Changing NetBIOS Name Resolution Order in Windows for Workgroups

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By default, the NetBIOS name resolution mode used by NetBIOS over TCP/IPis B-node mode. If a WINS server is specified in the TCP/IP configuration,the default mode is H-node.
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In Windows for Workgroup running TCP/IP-32, these default settings canbe modified to change to NetBIOS name resolution mode to B-node, P-node,M-node, or H-node.

To change the NetBIOS name resolution order:

  1. Open the SYSTEM.INI file with a text editor.
  2. In the [NBT] section, add the following entry:
    NodeType = 1, 2, 4, or 8
    These values specify the mode of NetBIOS name resolution used by NetBIOS over TCP/IP, where:
    1 = b-node

    2 = p-node

    4 = m-node

    8 = h-node.
    NOTE: This value can also be configured via DHCP Manager on the DHCP server. Under DHCP Options, select Scope or Global. The default is 1 (b- node). If no value is specified and a WINS server is specified and its NodeType is blank, then the default is 8 (h-node). On the Windows for Workgroups client configure it to use DHCP under Control Panel, Network, highlight TCP/IP Protocol in the Installed Network Software windows and select Configure. Enter an X in the Enable Automatic DHCP Configuration box by clicking on it. Click on OK and reboot the Windows for Workgroup client.
  3. Save your changes and restart Windows.
NOTE: For more details on node type implementation refer to TCP/IP-32online help.
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