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PUB: How to Print Envelopes to HP Deskjet Series Printers

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Microsoft Publisher ships with a PageWizard Design Assistant that you canuse to print envelopes correctly to the Hewlett-Packard (HP) DeskJet510, 520, 540, 550c, and 560c printer.
The following procedure assumes you are running Publisher 2.0a on Windows3.x or Windows 95 or Publisher 3.0 or 97 on Windows 95. To create yourenvelope, please follow these steps exactly:
  1. Start Publisher and choose PageWizard from the startup dialog box.
  2. In the list of available PageWizards, click Envelope.
  3. Answer all the questions referring to design and return address.
  4. When you get to the screen asking which printer you will use, click Any Other HP DeskJet. Click Next.

    NOTE: If you have already run the Pagewizard to create an envelope, you will be asked, "Will you use the same default printer and print settings as you did last time?" You should answer, "No." Click Next and continue with step 4 as specified above.
  5. Choose the envelope size you want.

    NOTE: Some custom size envelopes may not feed correctly through the printer.
  6. Click Narrow. Click Next.
  7. Click Right. Click Next.
  8. Click Flap Up. Click Next.
  9. Click Create It. Publisher will create the envelope.
To print the envelope:
  1. On the File menu, click Printer Setup.
  2. In the list of available printers, click the HP DeskJet (510, 520, 540, 550c, or 560c) printer.

    Note: The DeskJet printers discussed can have either a color cartridge or a black cartridge installed. You may want to check the DeskJet's properties and make sure that the color settings match the cartridge in the printer.
  3. Make sure that the paper size listed is Letter and that the orientation is Landscape. If you don't do this, the envelope will not print correctly. Click OK.
  4. Load an envelope in the printer. Make sure the flap side is up and pointing to the left. This may be opposite from the illustration that is engraved on the printer.
  5. Print the envelope.
The reason that the PageWizard has you feed the envelope opposite from thediagram on this printer is based on the DeskJet 550/600/850 seriesprinters' unprintable region. Many of the printers that are built on thischassis have an unprintable region of .67 inch from the end of the paperthat comes out of the printer last.

If you feed the envelope with the flap to the right, that large unprintableregion is on the left side of the envelope as you hold it normally. Thismeans that you have to put your return address at least .67 inch from theleft edge of the envelope, which is rather far away. By feeding theenvelope with the flap to the left, Publisher can put the return addressabout .25 inch from the edge of the envelope.
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