How To Change the Icon in an Application

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In a distributed application that will be run under Windows 95, you mayneed to change the icon so that the executable displays your own icon fileinstead of the FoxPro Logo. You can accomplish this by using a reference tothe _SCREEN object. This will also change the title bar icon in a Windows95 application.
The _SCREEN system memory variable specifies properties and methods for themain Visual FoxPro window. The property that needs to be changed in thiscase is the Icon property. To change the icon shown on the screen's titlebar, use this command:
To show how this works, enter this command in the Command window withVisual FoxPro running under Windows 95. There is a directory of iconsshipped with Visual FoxPro located in the following directory:
For more information on the _SCREEN system memory variable, query in theonline Help using _SCREEN.

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