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"Dirty" and "Deadly" TSRs Detected by Windows 95

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Certain terminate-and-stay-resident programs (TSRs) and device driversare known to cause problems with Windows 95 Setup. These are classifiedas "dirty" or "deadly" TSRs.
"Dirty" TSRs or device drivers are known to cause problems in Setup,but not necessarily to cause it to stop responding (hang). If Setupdetects a dirty TSR or device driver, it warns you that there may beproblems and recommends that you disable the TSR or device driver beforeyou continue. You can often continue Setup without disabling the TSR ordevice driver.

"Deadly" TSRs or device drivers are known to cause Setup to hang. IfSetup detects a deadly TSR or device driver, Setup stops and instructsyou to disable the TSR or device driver, restart your computer, and thenrun Setup again. You cannot continue until the TSR or device driver isdisabled.

The following tables list known dirty and deadly TSRs and device driversthat are detected by Setup:
   Dirty TSRs and Device Drivers   -----------------------------------------------------   Allemm4.sys  All Charge 386  Anarkey   MS-DOS APPEND Utility   Asplogin.exe ASP Integrity Toolkit   MS-DOS ASSIGN Utility   Cache.exe    Disk Cache Utility      CED Command Line Editor   Ced.exe      PCED Command Line Editor  Command Line Editor   Cubitr.exe   Cubit   Datamon.exe  PC Tools Datamon   Desktop.exe  PC Tools Desktop TSR   Diskmon.exe  Norton Disk Monitoring TSR   DOSCUE Command Line Editor   Dubldisk.sys Double Disk Data Compression Utility   Ecyddx.sys   IBM PC Support   Eimpcs.sys   IBM PC Support   Ems386.sys   Memory Manager   Ep.exe       Norton Desktop/Windows Erase Protect TSR   Flash.exe    Flash Disk Cache Utility MS-DOS GRAPHICS Utility   Hpemm386.sys HP Expanded Memory Manager   Hpemm486.sys HP Expanded Memory Manager   Hpmm.sys     HP Memory Manager   Hyper286.exe Hyper Disk Cache Utility   Hyper386.exe Hyper Disk Cache Utility   Hyperdkc.exe Hyper Disk Cache Utility   Hyperdke.exe Hyper Disk Cache Utility   Hyperdkx.exe Hyper Disk Cache Utility   Iemm.sys     Memory Manager   Ilim386.sys  Intel Expanded Memory Emulator   Join.exe     MS-DOS JOIN Utility   Kbflow.exe   KBFlow TSR by Artisoft   Lansel.exe   Lansight Network Utilities TSR       Le Menu Menuing Package   Lsallow.exe  Lansight Network Utilities TSR   Melemm.386   Memory Manager   Ncache.exe   Norton Disk Cache Utility   Ncache2.exe  Norton Utilities NCache Command Line Editor   Newres.exe   Newspace Disk Compression Utility   Newspace.exe Newspace Disk Compression Utility   Pa.exe       Printer Assist PC Tools Disk Cache Utility   Pc-kwik.exe  PC-Kwik Disk Cache Utility   Pcpanel.exe  LaserTools Printer Control Panel   Pcsxmaem.sys PCSXMAEM Utility   Print.exe    MS-DOS PRINT Utility   Pyro.exe     Pyro! Screen Saver   Qcache.exe   386 Max Disk Cache Utility   Qmaps.sys    QMAPS Memory Manager   Ramtype.sys  RamType Utility   Rm386.sys    NetRoom Memory Manager   S-ice.exe    SoftIce       Sidekick Version 1.0   Sk2.exe      Sidekick Version 2.0   Skplus.exe   Sidekick Plus   Smartcan.exe Norton Utilities SmartCan   Speedrv.exe  Norton Speed Drive   Speeddrv.exe Norton Speed Drive SpeedFXR   Subst.exe    MS-DOS SUBST Utility   Superpck.exe Super PC-Kwik Disk Cache Utility   Tscsi.sys    Trantor T100  SCSI driver   Umbpro.sys   UMB Pro Memory Manager   Undelete.exe Undelete Utility   Vaccine.exe  Vaccine Anti-Virus Program  PC Tools VDefend   Vdefend.sys  PC Tools VDefend   Vdisk.sys    IBM RAM Disk Utility   Vems.drv     Memory Manager   Viralert.sys Data Physician Plus TSR   Vmm386.exe   Memory Manager   Vmm386.sys   Memory Manager   Xgaaidos.sys 8514 emulation driver   Xtradrv.sys  IIT XtraDrive Software   Xmaem.sys    XMAEM Utility   Deadly TSRs and Device Drivers   ---------------------------------------------   Cdremap.exe  CD-ROM Drive Remapper Utility   Ic.sys       Ironclad Software   Iddrv.sys    INFINITE Disk Software   Idres.exe    INFINITE Disk Software   Nav.drv      Norton Anti-Virus Software   Nav_.sys     Norton Anti-Virus Software   Navtsr.exe   Norton Anti-Virus Software PC Tools Disk Cache Utility   Super.exe    PC-Kwik Disk Cache Utility   Superpck.exe Super PC-Kwik Disk Cache Utility   Tspdrv.sys   Symantec Disklock Utility   Virstop.exe  F-Prot Anti-Virus    Central Point Anti-Virus TSR   Vsafe.sys    Central Point Anti-Virus   Vwatch.exe   PC-Tools Anti-Virus Software				

You may want to check with the manufacturer of the TSR or device driverfor a version that is compatible with Windows 95.

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