Multihomed WINS Server Replication Partner Failures

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After setting up replication between multi-homed WINS servers, somedata may not replicate properly and the following error may be loggedin the event log:
Event 4102: "Connection was aborted by remote client".
When configuring replication partners, only one IP address may be enteredfor a given partner. If you attempt to add another IP address for the samereplication partner, WINSADMN realizes that this is the same system as theone previously already entered, and switches the IP address in the list tothe one that the WINS server is bound to on the remote machine.

However, when replication actually occurs, Windows Sockets is theinterface used. The outgoing pull request uses socket()/bind()/connect()calls, and on the bind it specifies INADDR_ANY. This means that theoutgoing call can be sourced from any IP address on a computer. If it'ssourced from any IP address other than the one that the WINS server isbound to, replication fails. The event log will contain "Connectionaborted by remote client." The replication fails because the WINS serverbeing contacted compares the source address of the incoming request to itslist of authorized replication partners.
WINSADMN.EXE (the WINS manager) has been modified to allow each IP addresson a multi-homed machine to be entered as a replication partner on theother machines it replicates with. Each IP address should be entered asa replication partner on all machines that will replicate with a multi-homed computer.
Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Windows NT version 3.51.This problem was corrected in the latest Windows NT 3.51 U.S. ServicePack. For information on obtaining the Service Pack, query on thefollowing word in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (without the spaces):

prodnt multihomed

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