Mac MM: How to Run Program Without CD-ROM

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The information in this article explains how to install the multimediaprograms listed at the top of this article directly to your hard drive.This lets you run the program without using the compact disc.

NOTE: Installing any Microsoft program as a network installation without amultiple workstation license agreement is violation of the MicrosoftLicensing Agreement.
The procedure offers improved performance, but requires a large amount offree hard drive space.
Program              Required Drive Space-------              --------------------Bookshelf 1995       570 MBEncarta 1995         645 MB				
NOTE: You should only use this procedure on computers with large-capacityhard drives in situations where fast performance is critical.

Installing The Compact Disc

To install the entire compact disk to your hard drive, do the following:

  1. Open the compact disc and double-click the Installer or Setup icon. This places the program and system files onto your hard drive.
  2. When the installation completes, locate the Data folder on the compact disc and copy the following data folders to your hard drive.
       Product           Data Folders   --------          ------------   Bookshelf 1995    Books   Encarta 1995      Encarta Files						
  3. Drag these folders directly to your hard drive. The copy process takes some time. These folders must remain directly on the hard drive; they cannot be placed within other folders.
  4. Rename your hard drive. Name the hard drive using the exact same name as the program compact disc.
The multimedia program now runs on your computer without requiring thecompact disc.
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