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WD: How to Use the Highlighter in Word

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You can create special color highlighting effects by using the Highlightoption on the Formatting toolbar. Highlighting in Word is the electronicequivalent of using a highlighter pen to call attention to a portion of adocument.

To create special color highlighting effects, perform these steps:
  1. Click the Highlight button on the Formatting toolbar.
  2. Select the text you want to highlight.
  3. To turn off Highlight, click the icon again. (To remove the highlighting, see the "More Information" section that follows.)

How to Use All 15 Highlight Colors

In addition to the four highlight colors that appear when you click thearrow next to the Highlight button, you can select other colors byclicking and dragging down past the apparent end of the list and to theright. Fifteen colors are available.

In Word 7 only, you can also select the highlight color by clicking Optionson the Tools menu, and selecting the Revisions tab. The highlight colorsare available in the Highlight Color box at the bottom of this tab.

How to Remove Highlighting

To change highlighted text back to regular text, click the arrow next tothe Highlight button and select None. Select the text you want to change.The highlighting disappears.

How to Search for Highlighting

To search for highlighted text, click Find on the Edit menu. In the FindWhat box, delete any existing text. Click the Format button and chooseHighlight. You can search for highlighted text, but you can't search for aparticular color of highlighting. The Find feature will find allhighlighted text, even if different colors are used in the document.

If you use the Replace command in conjunction with highlight formatting,Word applies the color currently selected on the toolbar.

How to Redo Highlight Formatting

You cannot use normal methods to redo highlighting. If you applyhighlighting and then select text and press F4 (the Repeat Command functionkey), more highlighting is not applied. Also, if you apply highlighting andthen select new text and click the Edit menu, Redo Highlight is not anoption. Undo Highlight is an option, however.

Similarly, if you remove the highlight formatting from text by choosingNone from the list of Highlight colors and then click Undo Highlight on theEdit menu, Word will reapply the highlight color that you just removed. Ifyou then click Redo Highlight on the Edit menu, the None highlight isreapplied and the color disappears.

To redo highlight formatting, use the Format Painter.

How to View Text Without Viewing Highlighting

You can turn Show Highlight on or off by clicking Options on the Toolsmenu, clicking the View tab and selecting or clearing the Highlight checkbox under Show. If Show Highlight is turned off, text with highlightingapplied still holds that characteristic, although it doesn't appear to behighlighted on the screen.

If you apply highlighting while Show Highlight is turned off, it will havethe effect of turning Show Highlight on, and highlighting will appear onthat text. Also, any other highlighted areas will then be visible.

Other Notes on Use of the Highlighter

Black is included in the Highlight Color list. Black highlighting makestext unreadable unless the text (that is, the font color) is formatted witha contrasting color.

Highlighting is unique in that it is neither character nor paragraphformatting.

You can also apply highlighting in WordMail and in the Word section ofMicrosoft Binder.
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