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Error 6118: "The List of Servers for This Workgroup..."

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When you issue a NET VIEW command from the MS-DOS prompt, the followingerror message appears:
Error 6118: The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available.
If you try to browse in Windows 3.1 File Manager or Print Manager, nobrowse list is available.
Your workgroup name is different than your domain name.

The NET VIEW command sends out a Status Query (0x03) to the clientcomputer's workgroup name. Even if your client computer is not a member ofa workgroup, the workgroup name is queried. If your client computer is amember of a domain, the domain name is queried. If your workgroup name isdifferent than your domain name, the browse master never responds and the6118 error appears.
Edit the SYSTEM.INI file in the network directory (usually C:\NET), do NOTedit the Windows SYSTEM.INI file (usually in the C:\WINDOWS directory).

In the [network] section you will find entries for "workgroup="and "logondomain=." These entries should be the same, both using thedomain name.

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