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How to Create Blinking Text

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In FoxPro version 2.x for MS-DOS, you could create blinking text within ascreen. However, there is no property in Visual FoxPro that simulates thiseffect. Additionally, the SET BLINK ON command has no effect on VisualFoxPro objects. This article shows by example how to create a blinkinglabel in a form.

Step-by-Step Example

This example uses a timer object to create the blinking effect on a labelobject.

  1. Create a form called Test.scx.
  2. Place a label on the form, and change its Caption property to This Label Blinks. Also, change the AutoSize property to true.
  3. Place a timer on the form. In the Timer event, type the following code:
       THISFORM.Label1.Visible=! THISFORM.Label1.Visible						
  4. Set the Interval property of the timer to 1000.
  5. Save the form, and run it. The code in the Timer event serves to toggle the Visible property of the label on and off.

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Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0 Standard Edition

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