HOWTO: How to Change Default Button on CPropertySheet

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When a modal CPropertySheet is created, the default button is the OKbutton. To change the default to a different button, derive a class fromCPropertySheet, override OnInitDialog(), and send a message of DM_SETDEFIDto the sheet with the ID of the new button.
The IDs of the buttons that are created in a modal CPropertySheet are:
   IDOK            - OK button   IDCANCEL        - Cancel button   ID_APPLY_NOW    - Apply button   IDHELP          - Help button				
Before you can set the focus to a button, the button must exist and beenabled. By default, the Apply button on a modal CPropertySheet is notenabled; it has to be explicitly enabled as shown in the sample code inthis article.

If you want a button other than these default buttons to have the defaultfocus, you have to create the button, say IDC_MYBUTTON, and set focusto that button using:
   SendMessage (DM_SETDEFID, IDC_MYBUTTON);				

Sample Code

// This code sets the Apply button as the default// CMySheet is derived from CPropertySheetBOOL CMySheet::OnInitDialog(){        CPropertySheet::OnInitDialog();        // Enable the Apply button        GetPage(0)->SetModified ();        // Set the Apply button as the default button        SendMessage (DM_SETDEFID, ID_APPLY_NOW);        return TRUE;}				
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