Find Fast Does Not Index Password Protected Files

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Find Fast does not index password-protected documents.
Because password-protected documents are encrypted, they cannot beindexed. Find Fast does not index password-protected documents becausethey are not searchable files. Any references to file properties orcontent will not be addressed in the index
This behavior in Find Fast is by design to uphold the security andprotection of your documents.
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Indexes are used to make file searches faster in Office programs. If thepassword-protected file is searched based on either "File name" or "Filesof type" it will appear in the Open dialog box following the normalsearch criteria. However, searches for password-protected documents basedon content or other properties internal to that file will not appear inthe Open dialog box.

If an index finds a password-protected document, an entry is made in theIndexer log, Ffastlog.txt. When Find Fast updates an index, it logsevents and errors in the log file Ffastlog.txt.

To view the indexer log file, do the following:

  1. Click the Start button on the Windows 95 taskbar, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  2. With the left mouse button, double-click the Find Fast icon.
  3. On the Index menu, click Show Indexer Log.
The Office Setup program installs Find Fast in the Windows 95 Startupfolder so that all Office documents are indexed automatically at systemstartup and periodically at two-hour intervals. Find Fast must be able togain access to document contents to successfully complete the indexingprocess.

The index includes information about document content and properties.Indexes are built according to file types and selected drives andfolders. An index can cover the entire root directory, or smaller indexescan be configured to include certain folders. You can create as manyindexes as you want as long as corresponding folders do not overlap.

Indexes use internal filters in the Office products to parse the fileswith the Office extensions (.doc, .dot, .xl*, .ppt, .pot, .obd, .obt,.mpp, .mpw, .mpt, .mpx). If Find Fast finds a format that is not anOffice format, it queries the Windows 95 Registry to determine if anyexternal converters are installed.

For additional information on the Find Fast feature, please see thefollowing article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
136386WD: How Find Fast Determines Which Method to Use to Index Files
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