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How to Create a Network Installation Boot Disk

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This article explains how to add an NDIS driver for Network InterfaceCards (NIC) that were not originally included in the Network ClientAdministrator. This information applies to the Network Client version 3.0for MS-DOS and Windows Startup Disk.

Verify that the 3.5" HD disk to which the client files will be copied is aDOS system disk and formatted under DOS. If the disk is formatted underNT, the copy process will fail.
To configure this disk:

NOTE: The following example is for the Intel EtherExpressPro NIC;however, this example can serve as a template for all NDIS compatibledrivers.
  1. Copy the Epro.dos driver to the A:\Net directory.
  2. Modify the Net\Protocol.ini file and change the [EPRO$] section to "drivername=EPRO$".

    NOTE: The "drivername=" information is included on most manufacturers' disks in the sample Protocol.ini file that comes with the network card.
  3. Modify the Net\System.ini file and change the [network drivers] section to "netcard=Epro.dos".

    NOTE: The file that the "netcard=" equals is also on the manufacturer's disk.
Additional drivers can be found on the Windows NT Server compact disc inthe Clients\Wdl\Update directory.

For more information, please see the following article in the MicrosoftKnowledge Base:
ARTICLE-ID: 128800
TITLE : How to Provide Additional NDIS2 Drivers for Network Client 3.0

Sample Protocol.ini Entries

[network.setup]version=0x3110netcard=EPRO$,1,EPRO$,1transport=ms$ndishlp,MS$NDISHLPtransport=ms$nwlink,MS$NWLINKlana0=EPRO$,1,ms$nwlinklana1=EPRO$,1,ms$ndishlp[EPRO$]drivername=EPRO$; IRQ=3           <----------------- You may have to adjust this.; IOADDRESS=0x330 <----------------- You may have to adjust this.; IOCHRDY=Late; TRANSCEIVER=Thin Net (BNC/COAX)[protman]drivername=PROTMAN$PRIORITY=MS$NDISHLP[MS$NDISHLP]drivername=ndishlp$BINDINGS=EPRO$[ms$nwlink]drivername=nwlink$FRAME=Ethernet_802.2BINDINGS=EPRO$LANABASE=0				

Sample System.ini Entries

[network]filesharing=noprintsharing=noautologon=yescomputername=TESTlanroot=A:\NETusername=Administratorworkgroup=TESTDOMreconnect=nodospophotkey=Nlmlogon=0logondomain=BOARDpreferredredir=fullautostart=fullmaxconnections=8[network drivers]netcard=epro.dos     <----------- If the path is not set, specify the                                   full directory (for example,                                   c:\net\epro.dos).transport=ndishlp.sysdevdir=A:\NETLoadRMDrivers=yes[Password Lists]*Shares=a:\net\Share000.PWL				
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