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When you try to compress drive C with DriveSpace 3, you may receive thefollowing error message when the compression process is 25 percentfinished:
Windows cannot create the C:\Msdossys.tmp file. There might not be enough free space on the drive C, the root directory of drive C may be full, or the disk may be write-protected.

This error can occur if the root folder on drive C contains the maximumallowable number of files (512). When this occurs, DriveSpace 3 cannotcreate the temporary files it needs to finish the compression process.
Move or delete unnecessary files in the root folder on drive C, and thencontinue the compression process.
The root folder on a hard disk can contain no more than 512 directoryentries. Directory entries can contain short file names and the extraentries required to hold long file names.

Note that the error may also occur when the compression process is 100percent finished if you are compressing a drive that is not the boot drive.The actual file referenced in the error message will vary. The errormessage "Cannot create the file Drvspace.000" is generated when the rootfolder of the drive being compressed is full.

The error message stated above can also occur if there is a file namedFailsafe.drv in the root folder of drive C (or the host for drive C). Ifthis occurs, remove the Failsafe.drv file and then continue the compressionoperation.

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