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WD: How to Set Up Page with Set Number of Characters Per Line

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When you type a Word document, you may want to have a certain number ofcharacters on each line of text. If the characters are formatted in amonospace font, it is possible to calculate the horizontal printable spacebetween the margins of the document required to produce a desired number ofcharacters per line in the document.
The following formula can be used to calculate the necessary space betweenmargins to produce a certain number of characters (also referred to ascolumns) per line.
   Desired Characters Per Line (columns)   -------------------------------------         =  Required Print Area   Font Size (expressed in characters per inch)           in Inches				
Monospace fonts such as the TrueType Courier New are comprised ofcharacters with equal widths. This attribute allows the creation ofdocuments with specific numbers of characters per line. Proportional fontscontain characters of varying widths that do not facilitate the creation ofcertain numbers of characters per line.

NOTE: Characters per line in documents is sometimes referred to as "Columnsper line."

The following table lists some commonly used font sizes.
   Characters   Font size   per inch   5            24   7.5          16   10           12   12           10				

An Example of How to Apply the Formula

If you need to create a document with 120 characters per line using a 12-character-per-inch font, use the following formula:
          120 characters   --------------------------          = 10 inches    12 characters per inch (10 points)				
The printable area required for this example is 10 inches. To obtain a10-inch printable area on a standard 8.5-by-11-inch page, use the followingparameters.
   Font:         Use a monospace font (such as Courier)   Orientation:  Landscape   Left margin:  .5 inch   Right margin: .5 inch				
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