List of Fixed Bugs in Word 7.0a for Windows 95

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The following table lists fixed problems in Word for Windows 95, version7.0a. This is not a comprehensive list and is current as of February 6,1996. For more information about each issue, query in the MicrosoftKnowledge Base on the article identifier (ID).

To obtain Word for Windows 95, version 7.0a, call the Microsoft Order Deskat (800) 360-7561. If you are outside the United States, contact your localsubsidiary. To locate your subsidiary, see the Microsoft World Wide OfficesWeb site at:

Summary List for Word for Windows 95 7.0a

Article ID   Article Title-------------------------------------------------------------------------Q134043     Pen Windows Support Not Available with Word for Windows 95Q134808     CopyFile Command Altered by Hide MS-DOS Extension OptionQ134724     Word 95: "Invalid Page Fault" in Files with Many OLE ObjectsQ134332     No Result or GP Fault After Clicking Printer Properties ButtonQ134350     Pressing F1 with No File Open Causes Word to Shut DownQ140862     Numbering Contains Odd Character After Converting to Text OnlyQ136381     Object Lost When Dragged from PowerPoint to WordQ139789     WordBasic Kill Statement Deletes All Files in FolderQ137158     WD: "There is not enough memory..." Opening RTF or WordMail             FileQ139465     Word for Windows 95: Problems Merging to FaxQ138730     Word Is Hidden Behind TaskbarQ116728     Word for Windows 95: Files Installed During SetupQ139330     WD95: Both Display Bitmap and PostScript Image Print for EPS GraphicQ145446     Can't Edit Embedded Spreadsheet or Word ObjectQ145205     Can't Open Attachments in Read-Only MessageQ133692     Index Heading, TOA Heading, TOC Styles Don't Reflect ChangesQ145502     Small Amount of Memory Lost for Each Document CreatedQ134142     GP Fault When Custom Toolbar Docked in Normal View				

Additional Fixes

The following fixed bugs are documented only in this article.

Updated Wdreadme.txt

The Wdreadme.txt has been updated to provide new or more completeinformation about the following topics:

  • Changes in the typical Setup components
  • WordBasic Error 582
  • The new macro virus alert feature

Deleting an Object from a Template Containing a Field May Hang Word

When you open a new document based on a Normal template that contains afield, if you insert an object such as a Word document, and then delete theobject, Word may hang (stop responding).

Incorrect Mapping of Some Characters When File Saved in Text-Only Format

When you save a document as text only, some of the extended characters aremapped incorrectly. For example, some Greek characters may be changed to1/2 or 1/4.

Dialog Update Causes Incorrect Conversion in Insert Picture Dialog Box

If you click Picture on the Insert menu and select a picture that hasextended characters in its name, the picture may not be displayed.

Word 6.0-7.0 Converter Updated Because of Far East Version Number Change

A new Word 6.0-7.0 converter for Asian Word was shipped because of aversion change in Korean and Simplified Chinese Word.

Imager dll updated to work with new HP scanning software

An updated Imager Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file to work with newHewlett-Packard scanning software will ship with Office Pro 95a.

Word .doc Files Are Registered as Safe File Types for Internet Explorer

Before this release, you received the following warning from InternetExplorer:
the document may contain a you want to continue?
Now, Word .doc files are registered as "safe" for Internet Explorer, andInternet Explorer does not flash the warning message.

Updated Pict Filter

In Word for Windows 95, version 7.0, a supporting file called Msvcr20.dllwas not installed properly. In version 7.0a, the dependency on this file isremoved.

Word Now Integrates with Netscape

If you have Netscape installed, Word updates the registry entries so thatWord is the program that is used with .doc, .dot, and .rtf files fromNetscape. Before the release of 7.0a, Word was not used.

Pasting Information from a Closed WordMail Note May Cause a GP Fault

When you open a WordMail note, copy the note, close the note, compose a newnote, paste the information, and then start typing, these actions mayresult in a general protection (GP) fault.

Word Doesn't Create "My Documents" Folder When Installed on Windows NT

After you install Office 95 on a computer running Windows NT 3.51, the "MyDocuments" folder is not created, and the Open dialog box (on the Filemenu, click Open) defaults to the Winword folder.

Pressing ESC to Exit In-place Editing Causes GP Fault

If you click Object on the Insert menu in a Word document in some containerprograms, you may receive a GP fault.

Always Prompted to Save Changes When Closing Text File After Save

In Word 7.0, if you save a file as Text and then close it, you receiveanother message asking you if you want to save formatting. In Word 7.0a,you do not get the second message prompting you to save formatting.

Character Style with Hidden Text in Template Loses Hidden Attribute When Saved with Rich Text Formatting (RTF)

If you have one character style based on another character style that isformatted as hidden, the "hidden" formatting attributes are lost when yousave the document as RTF and reopen it.

Odd Behavior Opening Many WordMail Messages and Clicking Send on the File Menu in Word

Opening approximately 20 e-mail messages using WordMail can produceunexpected results such as MAPI errors, hangs, random text placement, andscreen redraw problems.
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