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The Newprof.exe file is the Automatic Profile Generator Program. Thisarticle describes the command line options that this program recognizes.
Newprof.exe requires a profile settings file (.PRF file) that contains theinformation about the profile to be generated. By default, if Newprof.exeis not supplied any parameters, it will look for the file Default.prf inthe Windows directory.

Newprof.exe accepts the following command line options:
NEWPROF [-P <Path to .PRF file>] [-S] [-X] [-Z]

-P <Path to .PRF file> is the .PRF file with the complete path.

-S Causes the Newprof.exe to program to bring up a window, allows the user to choose a .PRF file, and displays status and error messages in this window.

-X Causes Newprof.exe to start execution automatically when the -S option is used, without waiting for a .PRF file to be selected. Requires the -P option to be used or the Default.prf file to be present in the windows directory.

-Z Causes Newprof.exe to display MAPI error codes in case any errors are encountered. This option requires the -S option.

Newprof.exe does not generate any log files.

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