Redirected TREE /F Command Does Not Work in Windows 95 GUI

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Issuing a redirected MS-DOS TREE /F command at a command prompt withinthe Windows 95 graphical user interface results in incomplete output.This behavior occurs in both windowed and full-screen MS-DOS sessions.
To work around this behavior, issue the redirected TREE /F command afterrestarting the computer in MS-DOS mode, or after booting the computer toa command prompt.

To restart the computer in MS-DOS mode, click the Start button, click ShutDown, click "Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode," and then click Yes.

To boot the computer to a command prompt, restart the computer. When yousee the "Starting Windows 95" message, press the F8 key, and then chooseCommand Prompt Only from the Startup menu.
More information
The TREE command is used to display the structure of a folder. The /Fswitch displays the names of the files in each folder. The followingexamples demonstrate the use of the TREE command with redirection:

To display the files in all the folders on drive C one screen at a time,use the following command:
   tree c:\ /f | more				
To print the list of files displayed using the previous example, use thefollowing command:
   tree c:\ /f > prn				
NOTE: The TREE command ( is an MS-DOS command. is notinstalled by Windows 95, but is available on the Windows 95 CD-ROM orfrom online services. For information about installing the old MS-DOStools included with Windows 95, please see the following article:
147831 How to Install Old MS-DOS Tools in Windows 95
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