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OFF95: Summary List of Fixed Bugs in MS Office Version 7.0b

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The following table lists fixed problems in Office version 7.0b. This isnot a comprehensive list and is current as of April 1996. For moreinformation about each issue, query in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on thearticle identifier (ID).

Office 7.0b corrects a screen redraw problem that occurs when you usePowerPoint version 7.0a. Note that the only way to determine whether youhave Office version 7.0b is to click About Microsoft PowerPoint on the Helpmenu in PowerPoint. The 7.0b version identification does not appear in theAbout screens in the other Office programs.

In addition to Office 7.0b, a patch is available that corrects the problemin PowerPoint 7.0a. You do not need the patch if you already have Office7.0b.
For additional information regarding the PowerPoint screen redraw problem,please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
136603 Patch to Correct PowerPoint 7.0a Screen Redraw Problem

Summary List for Office Version 7.0b

134734 OFF95: Help Files Not Available When Building Index

135238 Grammar Checker, Word 2.0 Converter Missing from Typical

135999 OFF95: "File in Use" Opening Binder in Shared Folder

136603 Patch to Correct PowerPoint 7.0a Screen Redraw Problem

136874 XL7: New Workbooks Open Repeatedly Starting Excel Setup

140620 OFF95: Page Fault in Module MSO95.DLL When You Search Contents
145573 OFF95: Post to Exchange Folder Command Fails

145871 Out of Memory Message When You Use Shortcut Bar ToolTips in NT

146604 File Permissions Ignored if You Start File Manager From OSB

146605 Office 7.0 Does Not Register Office File Types with Netscape

138544 OFF95: Issues with Shared Office 7.0 CD-ROM on Network Servers
7.00 7.00a 7.00b

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