Error Connecting to Printer When Logged on to a Domain

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When you are logged on to a domain and you attempt to connect to a sharedprinter on the network, the following error message may occur:
You do not have sufficient access to your machine to connect to the selected printer, since a driver needs to be installed locally.
This problem only occurs when you attempt to connect to a printer beingserviced by a computer with a different operating system, or when theclient and server use different versions of Windows. For example,a Windows NT 3.1 client computer connecting to a Windows NT 3.5x printserver, or a Windows NT client connecting to a NetWare print server, willboth result in this error. When logged into the domain, by default thedomain user does not have administration privileges on the local computer;administration privileges are necessary in order to add a printer when thenetwork print server does not have a suitable driver for the client todownload and use.

Perform the following steps to give the domain user administrativeprivileges on his or her local computer when logged on to the domain:
  1. Go to the administrator's local group in User Manager (not for domains) on the computer that is receiving the error message.
  2. Click Add, and then make sure the domain name is listed under "List Names From".
  3. Click the user from the list, click Add, and then click OK.
The computer that is sharing the printer must also give the user permissionto use this resource (for example, by adding this user to its local domainusers group).
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