PRB: Setting Wrong System Date Causes Lost Project History

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Resetting the system time and date to something earlier than a project'screation time and date can cause that project's labeling information to belost.
SourceSafe uses the system date and time to determine if a file is within avalid range for a label. Manually altering the system clock to facilitate adesired date preceding the creation date of the project causes seriousdamage to the labeling structure of the project.
Make sure the system clock is set to the right time before checking infiles. If you need to alter the computer's system date and time, you mustbe careful to reset to the correct date and time before checking files into SourceSafe.

On a network server, all workstations should be synchronized to theserver's time to ensure correct date/time stamping by those workstationsusing SourceSafe.
This behavior is by design.
The NET TIME command is used to synchronize the time in Windows NT. Thesyntax is as follows:
   NET TIME [\\computername | /DOMAIN:domainname] /SET				
where \\computername is the computer to which you want to synchronizeyour computer's clock. If you have a domain controller, use the domain tosynchronize with the domain controller.

The SYSTIME utility is used to synchronize time using a Novell Netware Fileserver. The syntax for this command can be found in Novell's Help system.


  1. Create a new project and add some files.
  2. Set the system clock back to an earlier date.
  3. Add a Label to the project.
  4. Check the files out from the project.
  5. Set the system clock back to the current time and date.
  6. Check the files in.
  7. View the History of the project.
RESULT: The label does not appear in the project's history.
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Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 4.0 Standard Edition, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 Standard Edition, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 Standard Edition

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