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Group Policies Not Applied on Windows NT Domain

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When group policies are used on Windows 95 workstations in a MicrosoftWindows NT domain, the policies associated with the user's group member-ship may not be applied at logon. Instead, the policies associated withthe Default user may be applied.
The primary domain controller (PDC) for the domain is not available atlogon. Users are validated by a backup domain controller (BDC) instead.
To work around this behavior, use one of the following methods:
  • Remove the Default user from the Config.pol file.

    This causes the settings for the last user who logged on to that workstation to be retained. This may be an acceptable solution if the same user generally logs on to the same workstation.
  • Define the settings for the Default user to be an acceptable default if the specific group policies cannot be applied. Define different policies for individual users for whom these defaults would not be appropriate.

    This method may be effective if most users can operate with a certain base configuration and only a few require a different configuration.
  • Configure system policies to be updated by manual download from a predefined location instead of automatically.

    When you are configured for automatic download and load balancing is not enabled, system policies are downloaded from the PDC only. When you are configured for automatic download and load balancing is enabled, system policies are downloaded from the PDC or BDC that validates the user's logon. When you are configured for manual down- load, system policies are downloaded from a specific, pre-defined path.
  • Enable user profiles, set the users' Home directories on a Windows NT BDC instead of the PDC, and remove the Default user from the Config.pol file.

    When user profiles are enabled in a Windows NT domain, a user's profile is saved to and loaded from the user's home directory (as defined in Windows NT User Manager for Domains) by default. This allows for "roving" user profiles.

    When a user logs on, the appropriate user profile is downloaded and applied to the local computer. Then, group policies are applied. Because there is no Default user defined, if the PDC is unavailable the settings in the previously saved user profile are used instead.

    This method is useful if the BDC is on a local LAN segment and the PDC is on a remote link that is less reliable, so that the BDC is more likely to be available than the PDC. This also allows proper user configurations to be applied regardless of the local computer on which a user logs on.
This problem no longer occurs in Windows 98. To resolve this problem, install the current version of Windows. For information about the current version of Windows, visit
When group policies are in use, Windows 95 attempts to contact only the PDCto determine the user's group membership. Windows 95 does not attempt toquery the BDC for this information, even though the user's logon may havebeen validated by the BDC. This occurs even if load balancing is enabled.
For additional information about system policies and user profiles, seeChapter 15, "User Profiles and System Policies," in the Microsoft Windows95 Resource Kit.
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