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Configuring the BOOT.INI TIMEOUT value with CPS or UNATTEND

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In some cases you may want to change the TIMEOUT value in theBOOT.INI from the default value of 30 seconds. There are two values thatcan be used that have a significant effect: 0 and -1. A value of 0 startsWindows NT immediately based on the DEFAULT variable in the BOOT.INI. Avalue of -1 disables the timer.

From within the UI of Control Panel / System, the range that canbe used is 0 to 999 for the Operating System dialog box indicating thenumber of seconds. In an effort to set the value for all systems duringsetup you will have to modify the Initial.inf for normal installs ofWindows NT or when using the /u unattended setup method. For ComputerProfile Setup (CPS) you first have to upload the image using Uplodprf.exefrom the Windows NT Resource Kit and modify the Profile.inf located in theSYSTEM32 directory of the image.

The following is an example of a BOOT.INI for a multiboot system:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT35="NT 3.51"
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="NT 3.51 [VGA mode]"
/basevideo /sos
Modify the Initial.inf variable ChangeBootIniTimeout as described below.The default value is 30 seconds. You may use the following -1-999 asvalid values.

NOTE: This only works with unattended and attended installs of WindowsNT.

[Install-IsValidNetName]LibraryProcedure STATUS,$(!LIBHANDLE),NetNameCheck $(Name)exit[Install-SetBootIniTimeout]; The original value is 30 seconds; ChangeBootIniTimeout 30; The value has now been change to 90 secondsChangeBootIniTimeout 90exit[Install-ScreenSaver]ReplaceIniKeyValue "Win.ini", DeskTop, ScreenSaveActive, 1ReplaceIniKeyValue "Win.ini", DeskTop, SCRNSAVE.EXE,$(STF_WINDOWSSYSPATH)\logTo change the TIMEOUT value with CPS, the changes are done in theProfile.inf not the Initial.inf of the image. The default value is 30seconds. You may use the following -1-999 as valid values.Else    ReplaceIniKeyValue "Win.ini", DeskTop,  Wallpaper, "lanmannt.bmp"Endifexit [Install-SetBootIniTimeout]; The original value is 30 seconds; ChangeBootIniTimeout 30; The value has now been change to 90 secondsChangeBootIniTimeout 90exit[SetAcls]    Debug-Output "PROFILE.INF: SetAcls Entered"    set Status = STATUS_FAILED    set Convert_C     = $($0)    set Convert_Winnt = $($1)				

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