Windows 95/98 Partition Types Not Recognized by Windows NT

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Windows NT does not recognize Windows 95/98 FAT32 partitions. There are currently no plans to create a FAT32 driver for Windows NT.
OEM versions of Windows 95 support four partition types for FAT filesystems that Windows NT does not recognize. The partition type can beidentified by the System ID byte in the partition table. This byte islocated at the following offsets:

   0x1C2 = Partition 1   0x1D2 = Partition 2   0x1E2 = Partition 3   0x1F2 = Partition 4				

The four values used by Windows 95 that Windows NT does not recognizeare as follows:

   0x0B      Primary  Fat32 Partitions up to 2047 GB   0x0C      Same as 0x0B, uses Logical Block Address Int 0x13 extensions   0x0E      Same as 0x06, uses Logical Block Address Int 0x13 extensions   0x0F      Same as 0x05, uses Logical Block Address Int 0x13 extensions				

The FAT partition types that Windows NT version 3.X and 4.0 can recognizeare:

   0x01      Fat12 < 10 megabytes   0x04      Fat16 < 32 megabytes   0x06      Fat16 > 32 megabytes   0x05      Extended (may be FAT, HPFS or NTFS)				
To work around this issue when you install Windows NT 4.0, make sure that both your boot partition and the partition you are installing to is either formatted with the FAT16 or NTFS file system, or is not formatted.

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