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If you log on to a Windows NT Workstation 3.51 computer, and your accounthas a profile path that has been configured using the Windows NT 4.0 or later syntaxmay receive the following error message:
Unable to load your central profile. The cached copy of your profile will be loaded instead. Possible causes of this error include network problems, insufficient security rights, missing or corrupt central profile.
This error occurs when a subdirectory has been created (containing aWindows NT 4.0 or later profile) within the profiles share that has the same name asthe user profile the Windows NT 3.51 computer is requesting. This isbecause, under Windows NT 4.0 or later, the syntax for defining a user profile pathis \\server\share\username. In this case, the Windows NT 3.51 computer isrequesting the file "username", but a directory exists with this same namebecause of the presence of a Windows NT 4.0 or later profile. An error is returnedto the Windows NT 3.51 computer, stating that the requested file is adirectory, and thus the error message returned to the user.
This problem will not affect accounts created and configured for use underWindows NT 3.51 using the .man or .usr extensions. As part of the upgradeprocess, a new user profile is created in Windows NT 4.0 or later that consists ofthe original user profile updated to the Windows NT 4.0 or later format. This can beidentified by a "username.pds" folder (subdirectory). Also, the Windows NT3.51 profile is not deleted, and the configuration of the user account neednot be changed. Instead, when a user is validated and a profile path isdefined with the .usr or .man extension, if the user is using a Windows NT3.5x computer, the Windows NT 3.5x profile is located and loaded. If theuser is logging on from a Windows NT 4.0 or later computer, Windows looks for\\server\share\username.pds instead of \\server\share\username.usr.

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