How to Transfer Files Using NetMeeting

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When you are in a NetMeeting conference, you can transfer a copy of a fileto every participant in the conference. This article describes how to sendfiles in NetMeeting.
You can transfer a file by dragging the file's icon to the NetMeetingwindow for global file transfers (transfers to all conference members),or by pointing to a single participant. To initiate a global filetransfer, you can also click File Transfer/Send File on the Tools menu.

You can initiate individual file transfers by right-clicking a participantin the roster and then clicking Send File. In most cases, you see theBrowse dialog box. If you use the drag method, no dialog box is visible.

When a file is transferred, recipients are prompted with a standard virus-warning dialog box with the following options: Open, Close, and Delete. Ifa participant accepts the file, the default destination is the ReceivedFiles folder in the NetMeeting folder.

To change the default destination, click Options on the Tools menu, clickthe General tab, and change the default destination.

To transfer a file in NetMeeting 3.01, drag the file into the file tranfer window or browse for the files in the file transfer window. To open the file transfer window click File Transfer on the Tools menu. From this window you can also choose to send the files to a single participant or to all participants of your meeting.
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