NETBIOS Node Status Query Returns First Instance of Unique Name

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When a gethostbyaddr() uses a NETBIOS Node Status Query to return theMachine Name of a device, it will return the first instance of the machinename that is registered as Unique [00h]. The order of the Unique <00> nameregistered can be viewed by running NBTSTAT -N at a command prompt.
Some services, other than the Workstation, that Register as Unique with the[00h] entry, will show up in the NETBIOS Node Status Query response as wellas the Machine Name. These names can be returned by a gethostbyaddr() andcan incorrectly identify the computer if they are listed first in theresponse above the Workstation Name entry.

Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: []            NetBIOS Local Name Table   Name               Type              Status--------------------------------------------------IS~FARMER             <00>  UNIQUE      RegisteredFARMER                <00>  UNIQUE      RegisteredUSA                   <00>  GROUP       RegisteredFARMER                <03>  UNIQUE      RegisteredFARMER                <20>  UNIQUE      RegisteredFARMER+++++++++       <BE>  UNIQUE      RegisteredINet~Services         <1C>  GROUP       RegisteredTESTER                <03>  UNIQUE      Registered				
Stop and restart the service or services whose names are Registered asUnique [00h] above the Workstation Service entry in the NetBIOS Local NameTable.

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