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How To Find and Highlight Text in the RichTextBox Control

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In many applications there is a function to search and highlight keywordsin a text window. The RichTextBox control in Visual Basic can be madeto provide this functionality, as shown in the sample code below.
  1. Start a new project in Visual Basic. Form1 is created by default.
  2. Place a Command button and a RichTextBox on Form1. Set the Text property of the RichTextBox to "This is an example of finding text in a rich text box."
  3. Add the following code to the General Declarations section of Form1:
          Option Explicit      Private Sub Command1_Click()        HighlightWords RichTextBox1, "text", vbRed      End Sub      Private Function HighlightWords(rtb As RichTextBox, _                                  sFindString As String, _                                  lColor As Long) _                                  As Integer        Dim lFoundPos As Long           'Position of first character                                        'of match        Dim lFindLength As Long         'Length of string to find        Dim lOriginalSelStart As Long        Dim lOriginalSelLength As Long        Dim iMatchCount As Integer      'Number of matches        'Save the insertion points current location and length        lOriginalSelStart = rtb.SelStart        lOriginalSelLength = rtb.SelLength        'Cache the length of the string to find        lFindLength = Len(sFindString)        'Attempt to find the first match        lFoundPos = rtb.Find(sFindString, 0, , rtfNoHighlight)        While lFoundPos > 0          iMatchCount = iMatchCount + 1          rtb.SelStart = lFoundPos          'The SelLength property is set to 0 as          'soon as you change SelStart          rtb.SelLength = lFindLength          rtb.SelColor = lColor          'Attempt to find the next match          lFoundPos = rtb.Find(sFindString, _            lFoundPos + lFindLength, , rtfNoHighlight)        Wend        'Restore the insertion point to its original        'location and length        rtb.SelStart = lOriginalSelStart        rtb.SelLength = lOriginalSelLength        'Return the number of matches        HighlightWords = iMatchCount      End Function						
  4. Choose Start from the Run menu, or press the F5 key to start the project. Click the Command button and you should see that both occurrences of the word "text" are now shown in red.
The Visual Basic Online Help and the Professional Features Manual in theCustom Control Section, p.329-362.
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