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INFO: Error Codes in Windows NT Part 1 of 2 (article I)

This article lists the error codes you may encounter in Windows NT. For theremaining error codes, please see the following article(s) in the MicrosoftKnowledge Base:
155012 Error Codes in Windows NT Part 2 of 2
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Code  Name                                  Description---------------------------------------------------------------------------8    LZERROR_UNKNOWNALG                    Compression algorithm not                                            recognized.-7    LZERROR_BADVALUE                      Input parameter out of                                            acceptable range.-6    LZERROR_GLOBLOCK                      Bad global handle.-5    LZERROR_GLOBALLOC                     Insufficient memory for LZFile                                            structure.-4    LZERROR_WRITE                         Out of space for output file.-3    LZERROR_READ                          Corrupt compressed file                                            format.-2    LZERROR_BADOUTHANDLE                  Invalid output handle.-1    LZERROR_BADINHANDLE                   Invalid input handle.0L    NO_ERROR                              No error.0L    ERROR_SUCCESS                         The operation was successfully                                            completed.1L    ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION                The function is incorrect.2L    ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND                  The system cannot find the                                            file specified.3L    ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND                  The system cannot find the                                            specified path.4L    ERROR_TOO_MANY_OPEN_FILES             The system cannot open the                                            file.5L    ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED                   Access is denied.6L    ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE                  The internal file identifier                                            is incorrect.7L    ERROR_ARENA_TRASHED                   The storage control blocks                                            were destroyed.8L    ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY               Not enough storage is                                            available to process this                                            command.9L    ERROR_INVALID_BLOCK                   The storage control block                                            address is invalid.10L   ERROR_BAD_ENVIRONMENT                 The environment is incorrect.11L   ERROR_BAD_FORMAT                      An attempt was made to load a                                            program with an incorrect                                            format.12L   ERROR_INVALID_ACCESS                  The access code is invalid.13L   ERROR_INVALID_DATA                    The data is invalid.14L   ERROR_OUTOFMEMORY                     Not enough storage is                                            available to complete this                                            operation.15L   ERROR_INVALID_DRIVE                   The system cannot find the                                            specified drive.16L   ERROR_CURRENT_DIRECTORY               The directory cannot be                                            removed.17L   ERROR_NOT_SAME_DEVICE                 The system cannot move the                                            file to a different disk                                            drive.18L   ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES                   There are no more files.19L   ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT                   The media is write protected.20L   ERROR_BAD_UNIT                        The system cannot find the                                            specified device.21L   ERROR_NOT_READY                       The drive is not ready.22L   ERROR_BAD_COMMAND                     The device does not recognize                                            the command.23L   ERROR_CRC                             Data error (cyclic redundancy                                            check).24L   ERROR_BAD_LENGTH                      The program issued a command                                            but the command length is                                            incorrect.25L   ERROR_SEEK                            The drive cannot locate a                                            specific area or track on the                                            disk.26L   ERROR_NOT_DOS_DISK                    The specified disk cannot be                                            accessed.27L   ERROR_SECTOR_NOT_FOUND                The drive cannot find the                                            requested sector.28L   ERROR_OUT_OF_PAPER                    The printer is out of paper.29L   ERROR_WRITE_FAULT                     The system cannot write to the                                            specified device.30L   ERROR_READ_FAULT                      The system cannot read from                                            the specified device.31L   ERROR_GEN_FAILURE                     A device attached to the                                            system is not functioning.32L   ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION               The process cannot access the                                            file because it is being used                                            by another process.33L   ERROR_LOCK_VIOLATION                  The process cannot access the                                            file because another process                                            has locked a portion of the                                            file.34L   ERROR_WRONG_DISK                      The wrong disk is in the                                            drive. Insert %2 (Volume                                            Serial Number: %3) into drive                                            %1.36L   ERROR_SHARING_BUFFER_EXCEEDED         Too many files opened for                                            sharing.38L   ERROR_HANDLE_EOF                      Reached End Of File.39L   ERROR_HANDLE_DISK_FULL                The disk is full.50L   ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED                   The network request is not                                            supported.51L   ERROR_REM_NOT_LIST                    The remote computer is not                                            available.52L   ERROR_DUP_NAME                        A duplicate name exists on the                                            network.53L   ERROR_BAD_NETPATH                     The network path was not                                            found.54L   ERROR_NETWORK_BUSY                    The network is busy.55L   ERROR_DEV_NOT_EXIST                   The specified network resource                                            is no longer available.56L   ERROR_TOO_MANY_CMDS                   The network BIOS command limit                                            has been reached.57L   ERROR_ADAP_HDW_ERR                    A network adapter hardware                                            error occurred.58L   ERROR_BAD_NET_RESP                    The specified server cannot                                            perform the requested                                            operation.59L   ERROR_UNEXP_NET_ERR                   An unexpected network error                                            occurred.60L   ERROR_BAD_REM_ADAP                    The remote adapter is not                                            compatible.61L   ERROR_PRINTQ_FULL                     The printer queue is full.62L   ERROR_NO_SPOOL_SPACE                  Space to store the file                                            waiting to be printed is not                                            available on the server.63L   ERROR_PRINT_CANCELLED                 File waiting to be printed was                                            deleted.64L   ERROR_NETNAME_DELETED                 The specified network name is                                            no longer available.65L   ERROR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED           Network access is denied.66L   ERROR_BAD_DEV_TYPE                    The network resource type is                                            incorrect.67L   ERROR_BAD_NET_NAME                    The network name cannot be                                            found.68L   ERROR_TOO_MANY_NAMES                  The name limit for the local                                            computer network adapter card                                            exceeded.69L   ERROR_TOO_MANY_SESS                   The network BIOS session limit                                            exceeded.70L   ERROR_SHARING_PAUSED                  The remote server is paused or                                            is in the process of being                                            started.71L   ERROR_REQ_NOT_ACCEP                   The network request was not                                            accepted.72L   ERROR_REDIR_PAUSED                    The specified printer or disk                                            device has been paused.80L   ERROR_FILE_EXISTS                     The file exists.82L   ERROR_CANNOT_MAKE                     The directory or file cannot                                            be created.83L   ERROR_FAIL_I24                        Fail on INT 24.84L   ERROR_OUT_OF_STRUCTURES               Storage to process this                                            request is not available.85L   ERROR_ALREADY_ASSIGNED                The local device name is                                            already in use.86L   ERROR_INVALID_PASSWORD                The specified network password                                            is incorrect.87L   ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER               The parameter is incorrect.88L   ERROR_NET_WRITE_FAULT                 A write fault occurred on the                                            network.89L   ERROR_NO_PROC_SLOTS                   The system cannot start                                            another process at this time.100L  ERROR_TOO_MANY_SEMAPHORES             Cannot create another system                                            semaphore.101L  ERROR_EXCL_SEM_ALREADY_OWNED          The exclusive semaphore is                                            owned by another process.102L  ERROR_SEM_IS_SET                      The semaphore is set and                                            cannot be closed.103L  ERROR_TOO_MANY_SEM_REQUESTS           The semaphore cannot be set                                            again.104L  ERROR_INVALID_AT_INTERRUPT_TIME       Cannot request exclusive                                            semaphores at interrupt time.105L  ERROR_SEM_OWNER_DIED                  The previous ownership of this                                            semaphore has ended.106L  ERROR_SEM_USER_LIMIT                  Insert the disk for drive 1.107L  ERROR_DISK_CHANGE                     Program stopped because                                            alternate disk was not                                            inserted.108L  ERROR_DRIVE_LOCKED                    The disk is in use or locked                                            by another process.109L  ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE                     The pipe was ended.110L  ERROR_OPEN_FAILED                     The system cannot open the                                            specified device or file.111L  ERROR_BUFFER_OVERFLOW                 The file name is too long.112L  ERROR_DISK_FULL                       There is not enough space on                                            the disk.113L  ERROR_NO_MORE_SEARCH_HANDLES          No more internal file                                            identifiers available.114L  ERROR_INVALID_TARGET_HANDLE           The target internal file                                            identifier is incorrect.117L  ERROR_INVALID_CATEGORY                The IOCTL call made by the                                            application program is                                            incorrect.118L  ERROR_INVALID_VERIFY_SWITCH           The verify-on-write switch                                            parameter value is incorrect.119L  ERROR_BAD_DRIVER_LEVEL                The system does not support                                            the requested command.120L  ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED            The Application Program                                            Interface (API) entered will                                            only work in Windows/NT mode.121L  ERROR_SEM_TIMEOUT                     The semaphore timeout period                                            has expired.122L  ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER             The data area passed to a                                            system call is too small.123L  ERROR_INVALID_NAME                    The file name, directory name,                                            or volume label is                                            syntactically incorrect.124L  ERROR_INVALID_LEVEL                   The system call level is                                            incorrect.125L  ERROR_NO_VOLUME_LABEL                 The disk has no volume label.126L  ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND                   The specified module cannot be                                            found.127L  ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND                  The specified procedure could                                            not be found.128L  ERROR_WAIT_NO_CHILDREN                There are no child processes                                            to wait for.129L  ERROR_CHILD_NOT_COMPLETE              The %1 application cannot be                                            run in Windows mode.130L  ERROR_DIRECT_ACCESS_HANDLE            Attempt to use a file handle                                            to an open disk partition for                                            an operation other than raw                                            disk I/O.131L  ERROR_NEGATIVE_SEEK                   An attempt was made to move                                            the file pointer before the                                            beginning of the file.132L  ERROR_SEEK_ON_DEVICE                  The file pointer cannot be set                                            on the specified device or                                            file.133L  ERROR_IS_JOIN_TARGET                  A JOIN or SUBST command cannot                                            be used for a drive that                                            contains previously joined                                            drives.134L  ERROR_IS_JOINED                       An attempt was made to use a                                            JOIN or SUBST command on a                                            drive that is already joined.135L  ERROR_IS_SUBSTED                      An attempt was made to use a                                            JOIN or SUBST command on a                                            drive already substituted.136L  ERROR_NOT_JOINED                      The system attempted to delete                                            the JOIN of a drive not                                            previously joined.137L  ERROR_NOT_SUBSTED                     The system attempted to delete                                            the substitution of a drive                                            not previously substituted.138L  ERROR_JOIN_TO_JOIN                    The system tried to join a                                            drive to a directory on a                                            joined drive.139L  ERROR_SUBST_TO_SUBST                  The system attempted to                                            substitute a drive to a                                            directory on a substituted                                            drive.140L  ERROR_JOIN_TO_SUBST                   The system tried to join a                                            drive to a directory on a                                            substituted drive.141L  ERROR_SUBST_TO_JOIN                   The system attempted to SUBST                                            a drive to a directory on a                                            joined drive.142L  ERROR_BUSY_DRIVE                      The system cannot perform a                                            JOIN or SUBST at this time.143L  ERROR_SAME_DRIVE                      The system cannot join or                                            substitute a drive to or for a                                            directory on the same drive.144L  ERROR_DIR_NOT_ROOT                    The directory is not a                                            subdirectory of the root                                            directory.145L  ERROR_DIR_NOT_EMPTY                   The directory is not empty.146L  ERROR_IS_SUBST_PATH                   The path specified is being                                            used in a substitute.147L  ERROR_IS_JOIN_PATH                    Not enough resources are                                            available to process this                                            command.148L  ERROR_PATH_BUSY                       The specified path cannot be                                            used at this time.149L  ERROR_IS_SUBST_TARGET                 An attempt was made to join or                                            substitute a drive for which a                                            directory on the drive is the                                            target of a previous                                            substitute.150L  ERROR_SYSTEM_TRACE                    System trace information not                                            specified in your CONFIG.SYS                                            file, or tracing is not                                            allowed.151L  ERROR_INVALID_EVENT_COUNT             The number of specified                                            semaphore events is incorrect.152L  ERROR_TOO_MANY_MUXWAITERS             Too many semaphores are                                            already set.153L  ERROR_INVALID_LIST_FORMAT             The list is not correct.154L  ERROR_LABEL_TOO_LONG                  The volume label entered                                            exceeds the 11 character                                            limit. The first 11 characters                                            were written to disk. Any                                            characters that exceeded the                                            11 character limit were                                            automatically deleted.155L  ERROR_TOO_MANY_TCBS                   Cannot create another thread.156L  ERROR_SIGNAL_REFUSED                  The recipient process has                                            refused the signal.157L  ERROR_DISCARDED                       The segment is already                                            discarded and cannot be                                            locked.158L  ERROR_NOT_LOCKED                      The segment is already                                            unlocked.159L  ERROR_BAD_THREADID_ADDR               The address for the thread ID                                            is incorrect.160L  ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENTS                   The argument string passed to                                            DosExecPgm is incorrect.161L  ERROR_BAD_PATHNAME                    The specified path name is                                            invalid.162L  ERROR_SIGNAL_PENDING                  A signal is already pending.164L  ERROR_MAX_THRDS_REACHED               No more threads can be created                                            in the system.167L  ERROR_LOCK_FAILED                     Attempt to lock a region of a                                            file failed.170L  ERROR_BUSY                            The requested resource is in                                            use.173L  ERROR_CANCEL_VIOLATION                A lock request was not                                            outstanding for the supplied                                            cancel region.174L  ERROR_ATOMIC_LOCKS_NOT_SUPPORTED      The file system does not                                            support atomic changing of the                                            lock type.180L  ERROR_INVALID_SEGMENT_NUMBER          The system detected a segment                                            number that is incorrect.182L  ERROR_INVALID_ORDINAL                 The operating system cannot                                            run %1.183L  ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS                  Attempt to create file that                                            already exists.186L  ERROR_INVALID_FLAG_NUMBER             The flag passed is incorrect.187L  ERROR_SEM_NOT_FOUND                   The specified system semaphore                                            name was not found.188L  ERROR_INVALID_STARTING_CODESEG        The operating system cannot                                            run %1.189L  ERROR_INVALID_STACKSEG                The operating system cannot                                            run %1.190L  ERROR_INVALID_MODULETYPE              The operating system cannot                                            run %1.191L  ERROR_INVALID_EXE_SIGNATURE           %1 cannot be run in Windows/NT                                            mode.192L  ERROR_EXE_MARKED_INVALID              The operating system cannot                                            run %1.193L  ERROR_BAD_EXE_FORMAT                  %1 is not a valid Windows-                                            based application.194L  ERROR_ITERATED_DATA_EXCEEDS_64k       The operating system cannot                                            run %1.195L  ERROR_INVALID_MINALLOCSIZE            The operating system cannot                                            run %1.196L  ERROR_DYNLINK_FROM_INVALID_RING       The operating system cannot                                            run this application program.197L  ERROR_IOPL_NOT_ENABLED                The operating system is not                                            presently configured to run                                            this application.198L  ERROR_INVALID_SEGDPL                  The operating system cannot                                            run %1.199L  ERROR_AUTODATASEG_EXCEEDS_64k         The operating system cannot                                            run this application program.200L  ERROR_RING2SEG_MUST_BE_MOVABLE        The code segment cannot be                                            greater than or equal to 64KB.201L  ERROR_RELOC_CHAIN_XEEDS_SEGLIM        The operating system cannot                                            run %1.202L  ERROR_INFLOOP_IN_RELOC_CHAIN          The operating system cannot                                            run %1.203L  ERROR_ENVVAR_NOT_FOUND                The system could not find the                                            environment option entered.205L  ERROR_NO_SIGNAL_SENT                  No process in the command                                            subtree has a signal handler.206L  ERROR_FILENAME_EXCED_RANGE            The file name or extension is                                            too long.207L  ERROR_RING2_STACK_IN_USE              The ring 2 stack is in use.208L  ERROR_META_EXPANSION_TOO_LONG         The global filename characters                                            * or ? are entered                                            incorrectly, or too many                                            global filename characters are                                            specified.209L  ERROR_INVALID_SIGNAL_NUMBER           The signal being posted is                                            incorrect.210L  ERROR_THREAD_1_INACTIVE               The signal handler cannot be                                            set.212L  ERROR_LOCKED                          The segment is locked and                                            cannot be reallocated.214L  ERROR_TOO_MANY_MODULES                Too many dynamic link modules                                            are attached to this program                                            or dynamic link module.215L  ERROR_NESTING_NOT_ALLOWED             Can't nest calls to                                            LoadModule.230L  ERROR_BAD_PIPE                        The pipe state is invalid.231L  ERROR_PIPE_BUSY                       All pipe instances busy.232L  ERROR_NO_DATA                         Pipe close in progress.233L  ERROR_PIPE_NOT_CONNECTED              No process on other end of                                            pipe.234L  ERROR_MORE_DATA                       More data is available.240L  ERROR_VC_DISCONNECTED                 The session was canceled.254L  ERROR_INVALID_EA_NAME                 The specified EA name is                                            invalid.255L  ERROR_EA_LIST_INCONSISTENT            The EAs are inconsistent.259L  ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS                   No more data is available.266L  ERROR_CANNOT_COPY                     The Copy API cannot be used.267L  ERROR_DIRECTORY                       The directory name is invalid.275L  ERROR_EAS_DIDNT_FIT                   The EAs did not fit in the                                            buffer.276L  ERROR_EA_FILE_CORRUPT                 The EA file on the mounted                                            file system is damaged.277L  ERROR_EA_TABLE_FULL                   The EA table in the EA file on                                            the mounted file system is                                            full.278L  ERROR_INVALID_EA_HANDLE               The specified EA handle is                                            invalid.282L  ERROR_EAS_NOT_SUPPORTED               The mounted file system does                                            not support extended                                            attributes.288L  ERROR_NOT_OWNER                       Attempt to release mutex not                                            owned by caller.298L  ERROR_TOO_MANY_POSTS                  Too many posts made to a                                            semaphore.299L  ERROR_PARTIAL_COPY                    Only part of a                                            Read/WriteProcessMemory                                            request was completed.317L  ERROR_MR_MID_NOT_FOUND                The system cannot find message                                            for message number 0x%1 in                                            message file for %2.487L  ERROR_INVALID_ADDRESS                 Attempt to access invalid                                            address.534L  ERROR_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW             Arithmetic result exceeded 32-                                            bits.535L  ERROR_PIPE_CONNECTED                  There is a process on other                                            end of the pipe.536L  ERROR_PIPE_LISTENING                  Waiting for a process to open                                            the other end of the pipe.994L  ERROR_EA_ACCESS_DENIED                Access to the EA is denied.995L  ERROR_OPERATION_ABORTED               The I/O operation was aborted                                            due to either thread exit or                                            application request.996L  ERROR_IO_INCOMPLETE                   Overlapped IO event not in                                            signaled state.997L  ERROR_IO_PENDING                      Overlapped IO operation in                                            progress.998L  ERROR_NOACCESS                        Invalid access to memory                                            location.999L  ERROR_SWAPERROR                       Error accessing paging file.1001L ERROR_STACK_OVERFLOW                  Recursion too deep, stack                                            overflowed.1002L ERROR_INVALID_MESSAGE                 Window can't handle sent                                            message.1003L ERROR_CAN_NOT_COMPLETE                Cannot complete function for                                            some reason.1004L ERROR_INVALID_FLAGS                   The flags are invalid.1005L ERROR_UNRECOGNIZED_VOLUME             The volume does not contain a                                            recognized file system. Make                                            sure that all required file                                            system drivers are loaded and                                            the volume is not damaged.1006L ERROR_FILE_INVALID                    The volume for a file was                                            externally altered and the                                            opened file is no longer                                            valid.1007L ERROR_FULLSCREEN_MODE                 The requested operation cannot                                            be performed in full-screen                                            mode.1008L ERROR_NO_TOKEN                        An attempt was made to                                            reference a token that does                                            not exist.1009L ERROR_BADDB                           The configuration registry                                            database is damaged.1010L ERROR_BADKEY                          The configuration registry key                                            is invalid.1011L ERROR_CANTOPEN                        The configuration registry key                                            cannot be opened.1012L ERROR_CANTREAD                        The configuration registry key                                            cannot be read.1013L ERROR_CANTWRITE                       The configuration registry key                                            cannot be written.1014L ERROR_REGISTRY_RECOVERED              One of the files containing                                            the system's registry data had                                            to be recovered by use of a                                            log or alternate copy. The                                            recovery succeeded.1015L ERROR_REGISTRY_CORRUPT                The registry is damaged. The                                            structure of one of the files                                            that contains registry data is                                            damaged, or the system's in                                            memory image of the file is                                            damaged, or the file could not                                            be recovered because its                                            alternate copy or log was                                            absent or damaged.1016L ERROR_REGISTRY_IO_FAILED              The registry initiated an I/O                                            operation that had an                                            unrecoverable failure. The                                            registry could not read in, or                                            write out, or flush, one of                                            the files that contain the                                            system's image of the                                            registry.1017L ERROR_NOT_REGISTRY_FILE               The system attempted to load                                            or restore a file into the                                            registry, and the specified                                            file is not in the format of a                                            registry file.1018L ERROR_KEY_DELETED                     Illegal operation attempted on                                            a registry key that has been                                            marked for deletion.1019L ERROR_NO_LOG_SPACE                    System could not allocate                                            required space in a registry                                            log.1020L ERROR_KEY_HAS_CHILDREN                An attempt was made to create                                            a symbolic link in a registry                                            key that already has subkeys                                            or values.1021L ERROR_CHILD_MUST_BE_VOLATILE          An attempt was made to create                                            a stable subkey under a                                            volatile parent key.1022L ERROR_NOTIFY_ENUM_DIR                 This indicates that a notify                                            change request is being                                            completed and the information                                            is not being returned in the                                            caller's buffer. The caller                                            now needs to enumerate the                                            files to find the changes.1051L ERROR_DEPENDENT_SERVICES_RUNNING      A stop control has been sent                                            to a service which other                                            running services are dependent                                            on.1052L ERROR_INVALID_SERVICE_CONTROL         The requested control is not                                            valid for this service.1053L ERROR_SERVICE_REQUEST_TIMEOUT         The service did not respond to                                            the start or control request                                            in a timely fashion.1054L ERROR_SERVICE_NO_THREAD               A thread could not be created                                            for the service.1055L ERROR_SERVICE_DATABASE_LOCKED         The service database is                                            locked.1056L ERROR_SERVICE_ALREADY_RUNNING         An instance of the service is                                            already running.1057L ERROR_INVALID_SERVICE_ACCOUNT         The account name is invalid or                                            does not exist.1058L ERROR_SERVICE_DISABLED                The specified service is                                            disabled and cannot be                                            started.1059L ERROR_CIRCULAR_DEPENDENCY             Circular service dependency                                            was specified.1060L ERROR_SERVICE_DOES_NOT_EXIST          The specified service does not                                            exist as an installed service.1061L ERROR_SERVICE_CANNOT_ACCEPT_CTRL      The service cannot accept                                            control messages at this time.1062L ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_ACTIVE              The service has not been                                            started.1063L ERROR_FAILED_SERVICE_CONTROLLER_CONNECT  The service process could                                            not connect to the service                                            controller.1064L ERROR_EXCEPTION_IN_SERVICE            An exception occurred in the                                            service when handling the                                            control request.1065L ERROR_DATABASE_DOES_NOT_EXIST         The database specified does                                            not exist.1066L ERROR_SERVICE_SPECIFIC_ERROR          The service has returned a                                            service-specific error code.1067L ERROR_PROCESS_ABORTED                 The process terminated                                            unexpectedly.1068L ERROR_SERVICE_DEPENDENCY_FAIL         The dependency service or                                            group failed to start.1069L ERROR_SERVICE_LOGON_FAILED            The service did not start due                                            to a logon failure.1070L ERROR_SERVICE_START_HANG              After starting, the service                                            hung in a start-pending state.1071L ERROR_INVALID_SERVICE_LOCK            The specified service database                                            lock is invalid.1072L ERROR_SERVICE_MARKED_FOR_DELETE       The specified service has been                                            marked for deletion.1073L ERROR_SERVICE_EXISTS                  The specified service already                                            exists.1074L ERROR_ALREADY_RUNNING_LKG             The system is currently                                            running with the last-known-                                            good configuration.1075L ERROR_SERVICE_DEPENDENCY_DELETED      The dependency service does                                            not exist or has been marked                                            for deletion.1076L ERROR_BOOT_ALREADY_ACCEPTED           The current boot has already                                            been accepted for use as the                                            last-known-good control set.1077L ERROR_SERVICE_NEVER_STARTED           No attempts to start the                                            service have been made since                                            the last boot.1078L ERROR_DUPLICATE_SERVICE_NAME          The name is already in use as                                            either a service name or a                                            service display name.1079L ERROR_DIFFERENT_SERVICE_ACCOUNT       The account specified for this                                            service is different from the                                            account specified for other                                            services running in the same                                            process.1100L ERROR_END_OF_MEDIA                    The physical end of the tape                                            has been reached.1101L ERROR_FILEMARK_DETECTED               A tape access reached a                                            filemark.1102L ERROR_BEGINNING_OF_MEDIA              The beginning of the tape or                                            partition was encountered.1103L ERROR_SETMARK_DETECTED                A tape access reached a                                            setmark.1104L ERROR_NO_DATA_DETECTED                During a tape access, the end                                            of the data marker was                                            reached.1105L ERROR_PARTITION_FAILURE               Tape could not be partitioned.1106L ERROR_INVALID_BLOCK_LENGTH            When accessing a new tape of a                                            multivolume partition, the                                            current block size is                                            incorrect.1107L ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_PARTITIONED          Tape partition information                                            could not be found when                                            loading a tape.1108L ERROR_UNABLE_TO_LOCK_MEDIA            Attempt to lock the eject                                            media mechanism failed.1109L ERROR_UNABLE_TO_UNLOAD_MEDIA          Unload media failed.1110L ERROR_MEDIA_CHANGED                   Media in drive may have                                            changed.1111L ERROR_BUS_RESET                       The I/O bus was reset.1112L ERROR_NO_MEDIA_IN_DRIVE               Tape query failed because of                                            no media in drive.1113L ERROR_NO_UNICODE_TRANSLATION          No mapping for the Unicode                                            character exists in the target                                            multi-byte code page.1114L ERROR_DLL_INIT_FAILED                 A DLL initialization routine                                            failed.1115L ERROR_SHUTDOWN_IN_PROGRESS            A system shutdown is in                                            progress.1116L ERROR_NO_SHUTDOWN_IN_PROGRESS         An attempt to abort the                                            shutdown of the system failed                                            because no shutdown was in                                            progress.1117L ERROR_IO_DEVICE                       The request could not be                                            performed because of an I/O                                            device error.1118L ERROR_SERIAL_NO_DEVICE                No serial device was                                            successfully initialized. The                                            serial driver will unload.1119L ERROR_IRQ_BUSY                        Unable to open a device that                                            was sharing an interrupt                                            request (IRQ) with other                                            devices. At least one other                                            device that uses that IRQ was                                            already opened.1120L ERROR_MORE_WRITES                     A serial I/O operation was                                            completed by another write to                                            the serial port. (The                                            IOCTL_SERIAL_XOFF_COUNTER                                            reached zero.)1121L ERROR_COUNTER_TIMEOUT                 A serial I/O operation                                            completed because the time-out                                            period expired. (The                                            IOCTL_SERIAL_XOFF_COUNTER did                                            not reach zero.)1122L ERROR_FLOPPY_ID_MARK_NOT_FOUND        No ID address mark was found                                            on the floppy disk.1123L ERROR_FLOPPY_WRONG_CYLINDER           Mismatch between the floppy                                            disk sector ID field and the                                            floppy disk controller track                                            address.1124L ERROR_FLOPPY_UNKNOWN_ERROR            The floppy disk controller                                            reported an error that is not                                            recognized by the floppy disk                                            driver.1125L ERROR_FLOPPY_BAD_REGISTERS            The floppy disk controller                                            returned inconsistent results                                            in its registers.1126L ERROR_DISK_RECALIBRATE_FAILED         While accessing the hard disk,                                            a recalibrate operation                                            failed, even after retries.1127L ERROR_DISK_OPERATION_FAILED           While accessing the hard disk,                                            a disk operation failed even                                            after retries.1128L ERROR_DISK_RESET_FAILED               While accessing the hard disk,                                            a disk controller reset was                                            needed, but even that failed.1129L ERROR_EOM_OVERFLOW                    Physical end of tape                                            encountered.1130L ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_SERVER_MEMORY        Not enough server storage is                                            available to process this                                            command.1131L ERROR_POSSIBLE_DEADLOCK               A potential deadlock condition                                            has been detected.1132L ERROR_MAPPED_ALIGNMENT                The base address or the file                                            offset specified does not have                                            the proper alignment.1140L ERROR_SET_POWER_STATE_VETOED          An attempt to change the                                            system power state was vetoed                                            by another application or                                            driver.1141L ERROR_SET_POWER_STATE_FAILED          The system BIOS failed an                                            attempt to change the system                                            power state.1142L ERROR_TOO_MANY_LINKS                  An attempt was made to create                                            more links on a file than the                                            file system supports.1150L ERROR_OLD_WIN_VERSION                 The specified program requires                                            a newer version of Windows.1151L ERROR_APP_WRONG_OS                    The specified program is not a                                            Windows or MS-DOS program.1152L ERROR_SINGLE_INSTANCE_APP             Cannot start more than one                                            instance of the specified                                            program.1153L ERROR_RMODE_APP                       The specified program was                                            written for an older version                                            of Windows.1154L ERROR_INVALID_DLL                     One of the library files                                            needed to run this application                                            is damaged.1155L ERROR_NO_ASSOCIATION                  No application is associated                                            with the specified file for                                            this operation.1156L ERROR_DDE_FAIL                        An error occurred in sending                                            the command to the                                            application.1157L ERROR_DLL_NOT_FOUND                   One of the library files                                            needed to run this application                                            cannot be found.1200L ERROR_BAD_DEVICE                      The specified device name is                                            invalid.1201L ERROR_CONNECTION_UNAVAIL              The device is not currently                                            connected but is a remembered                                            connection.1202L ERROR_DEVICE_ALREADY_REMEMBERED       An attempt was made to                                            remember a device that was                                            previously remembered.1203L ERROR_NO_NET_OR_BAD_PATH              No network provider accepted                                            the given network path.1204L ERROR_BAD_PROVIDER                    The specified network provider                                            name is invalid.1205L ERROR_CANNOT_OPEN_PROFILE             Unable to open the network                                            connection profile.1206L ERROR_BAD_PROFILE                     The network connection profile                                            is damaged.1207L ERROR_NOT_CONTAINER                   Cannot enumerate a non-                                            container.1208L ERROR_EXTENDED_ERROR                  An extended error has                                            occurred.1209L ERROR_INVALID_GROUPNAME               The format of the specified                                            group name is invalid.1210L ERROR_INVALID_COMPUTERNAME            The format of the specified                                            computer name is invalid.1211L ERROR_INVALID_EVENTNAME               The format of the specified                                            event name is invalid.1212L ERROR_INVALID_DOMAINNAME              The format of the specified                                            domain name is invalid.1213L ERROR_INVALID_SERVICENAME             The format of the specified                                            service name is invalid.1214L ERROR_INVALID_NETNAME                 The format of the specified                                            network name is invalid.1215L ERROR_INVALID_SHARENAME               The format of the specified                                            share name is invalid.1216L ERROR_INVALID_PASSWORDNAME            The format of the specified                                            password is invalid.1217L ERROR_INVALID_MESSAGENAME             The format of the specified                                            message name is invalid.1218L ERROR_INVALID_MESSAGEDEST             The format of the specified                                            message destination is                                            invalid.1219L ERROR_SESSION_CREDENTIAL_CONFLICT     The credentials supplied                                            conflict with an existing set                                            of credentials.1220L ERROR_REMOTE_SESSION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED   An attempt was made to                                            establish a session to a LAN                                            Manager server, but there are                                            already too many sessions                                            established to that server.1221L ERROR_DUP_DOMAINNAME                  The workgroup or domain name                                            is already in use by another                                            computer on the network.1222L ERROR_NO_NETWORK                      The network is not present or                                            not started.1223L ERROR_CANCELLED                       The operation was cancelled by                                            the user.1224L ERROR_USER_MAPPED_FILE                The requested operation cannot                                            be performed on a file with a                                            user mapped section open.1225L ERROR_CONNECTION_REFUSED              The remote system refused the                                            network connection.1226L ERROR_GRACEFUL_DISCONNECT             The network connection was                                            gracefully closed.1227L ERROR_ADDRESS_ALREADY_ASSOCIATED      The network transport endpoint                                            already has an address                                            associated with it.1228L ERROR_ADDRESS_NOT_ASSOCIATED          An address has not yet been                                            associated with the network                                            endpoint.1229L ERROR_CONNECTION_INVALID              An operation was attempted on                                            a non-existent network                                            connection.1230L ERROR_CONNECTION_ACTIVE               An invalid operation was                                            attempted on an active network                                            connection.1231L ERROR_NETWORK_UNREACHABLE             The remote network is not                                            reachable by the transport.1232L ERROR_HOST_UNREACHABLE                The remote system is not                                            reachable by the transport.1233L ERROR_PROTOCOL_UNREACHABLE            The remote system does not                                            support the transport                                            protocol.1234L ERROR_PORT_UNREACHABLE                No service is operating at the                                            destination network endpoint                                            on the remote system.1235L ERROR_REQUEST_ABORTED                 The request was aborted.1236L ERROR_CONNECTION_ABORTED              The network connection was                                            aborted by the local system.1237L ERROR_RETRY                           The operation could not be                                            completed. A retry should be                                            performed.1238L ERROR_CONNECTION_COUNT_LIMIT          A connection to the server                                            could not be made because the                                            limit on the number of                                            concurrent connections for                                            this account has been reached.1239L ERROR_LOGIN_TIME_RESTRICTION          Attempting to login during an                                            unauthorized time of day for                                            this account.1240L ERROR_LOGIN_WKSTA_RESTRICTION         The account is not authorized                                            to login from this station.1241L ERROR_INCORRECT_ADDRESS               The network address could not                                            be used for the operation                                            requested.1242L ERROR_ALREADY_REGISTERED              The service is already                                            registered.1243L ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_FOUND               The specified service does not                                            exist.1244L ERROR_NOT_AUTHENTICATED               The operation being requested                                            was not performed because the                                            user has not been                                            authenticated.1245L ERROR_NOT_LOGGED_ON                   The operation being requested                                            was not performed because the                                            user has not logged on to the                                            network.1246L ERROR_CONTINUE                        Return that wants caller to                                            continue with work in                                            progress.1247L ERROR_ALREADY_INITIALIZED             An attempt was made to perform                                            an initialization operation                                            when initialization has                                            already been completed.1248L ERROR_NO_MORE_DEVICES                 No more local devices.				

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