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How to Determine the ARC Path

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When you troubleshoot some issues where a Windows NT boot disk is needed,you may need the ARC path for the Boot.ini file. However, it may not beobvious, or the machine administrator may not remember the partition orroot directory the operating system was installed in. This information canbe recovered from the Emergency Repair Disk.
The Setup.log file is located on the Emergency Repair Disk. It has thesystem, hidden, and read-only attributes. If this file is opened in a texteditor, the first few lines will provide information about how to build theARC path to the operating system. The following is an excerpt from atypical Setup.log file.

   [Paths]   TargetDirectory = "\WINNT"   TargetDevice = "\Device\Harddisk0\partition2"   SystemPartitionDirectory = "\"   SystemPartition = "\Device\Harddisk0\partition1"				

A typical ARC path might be:

   multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINNT="My Server 4.0"				

The rdisk parameter is defined as Harddisk<X> on the TargetDevice line,where <X> is a variable that represents the drive ordinal. Note that therdisk parameter is not used when SCSI replaces multi in the ARC path.

The partition parameter is defined as partition<X> on the TargetDeviceline, where <X> is a variable that represents the partition ordinal. Notealso that SystemPartition refers to the partition where NTLDR is stored.Use TargetDevice for the partition ordinal value.

The TargetDirectory line defines the system root directory, which is thepart of the ARC path immediately following the partition number.

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