Windows 95 Defrag.exe Command-Line Parameters

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This article lists the command-line parameters for the Disk Defragmentertool (Defrag.exe) in Windows 95.
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You can use the following command-line parameters with Defrag.exe, eitheron the Open line in the Run dialog box or within System Agent:
   /ALL          Defragment all local, non-removable drives.   /F            Defragment files and free space.   /U            Defragment files only.   /Q            Defragment free space only.   /P            System and hidden files will be optimized.   /CONCISE      Display the Hide Details view (Default).   /DETAILED     Display the Show Details view.   /NOPROMPT     Unattended mode; do not stop and display confirmation                 messages.   /PMIOCTL      Turns off use of the protected-mode IOCTL from                 Drvspacx.vxd.   /SAGESET:n    Display the System Agent-Aware Setting dialog box and                 store the settings in the SETn registry key.   /SAGERUN:n    Runs in unattended mode using the System Agent-aware                 settings in the SETn registry key.				
The following switches are valid in MS-DOS version 6.x, but are not validin Windows 95. If you use these switches, they are ignored and no errormessage is generated:
   /SKIPHIGH   /LCD   /BW   /B   /GO				

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