Network Virus Checking Programs and Microsoft Windows NT

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Network virus scanning software packages can cause network errors wheninstalled on Windows NT Server. These packages can also cause problemswhen upgrading to Windows NT Server 4.0.
Third-party network virus scanning software can be installed on Windows NTServer to check files for viruses as they are copied to and from a server.These programs are installed as a service and they act at the file systemlevel.

These services will often run fine until a seemingly unrelated change, likeadding a fault tolerant set or installing a service pack, is made to theserver. Often the users will report that similarly configured servers runthe same scanning software without a problem.

Common symptoms that suggest a problem with virus scanning software includeclients mysteriously being disconnected or being unable to connect to theserver in question, or users being unable to save or retrieve files. Oftenclients trying to access a server will get the message "Not enough serverstorage is available to process this command" when trying to attach to aserver.

If the network connection problems are present and a virus scanning productis installed, disabling the scanning service will confirm that the problemis the virus scanning software. Sometimes it may be necessary to disablethe service and restart the server. If the virus scanning service isdetermined to be the problem, contact the manufacture of software inquestion.

When upgrading a server to Windows NT 4.0 it is advisable to disable thevirus scanning services, because Stop 0x00000050 error messages (bluescreens) and other system problems have been observed after upgradingsystems with these services installed. The software vendor or manufacturershould be contacted before upgrading a server to find out what proceduresor updates are necessary when upgrading to Windows NT 4.0.

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