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Supported 16-bit Utilities and NetWare-Aware Applications

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Some utilities that are included with NetWare 3.1x and NetWare 4.x do notwork with Windows NT 4.0 running Client Services or Gateway Services forNetWare.
To find out what NetWare utilities are compatible with Windows NT 4.0,perform the following steps:
  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click on GSNW or CSNW
  3. Click Help
  4. Click Help Topics
  5. Click Run 16-Bit Utilities and NetWare-Aware Applications
The following is the list of supported 16-bit NetWare Utilities.

MS-DOS 16-Bit NetWare Utilities

You can use the Explorer or the net use command to perform the samefunctions as the NetWare attach, capture, login, and logout utilities,which are not supported and can cause failures. Use the net view command toperform the same function as the NetWare slist utility. Like the NetWarecapture command, the net use command enables MS-DOS and Windowsapplications to print to a specific port. In addition, you can use thePrinters folder to connect to printer queues.
   Utility     Issue   -------     -----   chkvol      None   colorpal    None   dspace      None   flag        None   flagdir     None   fconsole    None   filer       None   grant       None   help        None   listdir     None   map         None   ncopy       None   ndir        None   pconsole    None   psc         None   pstat       None   rconsole    Servers don't show if rconsole is run from a 4.x server.   remove      None   revoke      None   rights      None   security    None   send        None   session     Search mapping is not supported; will always map as root.   setpass     None   settts      None   slist       None   syscon      None   tlist       None   userlist    None   volinfo     If update interval = 5, this command executes very slowly.   whoami      None				

NOTE: The Send and Whoami commands are not supported when connected to anNDS server.
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