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Useful Resource Kit Utilities for Domain Administrators

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The Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit includes many useful utilities for WindowsNT domain administrators. The purpose of this article is to group severalof the utilities together and provide a summary description for quickidentification of the purpose of each utility. It is not intended toprovide a comprehensive discussion for each utility.
Addusers.exe  Dumps and imports user and group accounts in an Windows NT              user account data base to a text file. Passwords are not              included.Autolog.exe   Graphical utility to automate the registry settings for              Auto-logon.Browmon.exe   Graphical browser monitoring utility.Browstat.exe  A more powerful command-line browser monitoring and querying              tool.Delprof.exe   Deletes user profiles.Dommon.exe    Graphical domain monitoring tool. Displays secure channels              between Windows NT computers that are members of a domain,              and between domain controllers that are trusting other              domains. This utility shows the same information as the              command-line utility Nlmon.exe.Findgrp.exe   Finds all local and global group memberships for a user in              both an accounts domain and a resource domain.Getsid.exe    Dumps the users SID (includes the RID) for users or groups.Ifmember.exe  Lists the groups a user is a member of.Logoff.exe    Utility (available only with NT 4.0 Server Resource Kit)              allows the user to logoff from the command prompt.Netdom.exe    Powerful command-line utility can be used to join a domain,              manage computer accounts for members and BDCs, reset secure              channels, establish trust relationships, and manage resource              domain computer accounts.Nlmon.exe     Command-line domain monitoring tool. Displays secure              channels between Windows NT computers that are members of a              domain, and between domain controllers that are trusting              other domains. Shows the same information as the graphical              utility Dommon.exeNltest.exe    Very powerful command-line domain monitoring utility. Does              much more than Nlmon.exe or Dommon.exe.Passprop.exe  Provides functionality not available in User Manager. Allows              policies to force complex passwords that contain a mix of              upper and lowercase letters and numbers or symbols, and the              ability to lock out an administrator's account over the              network, but still allowing an administrator to log on              interactively on domain controllers.Regback.exe   Utility to backup the registry.Regrest.exe   Utility to restore the registry.Showgrps.exe  Shows the groups that a user is a member of.Usrstat.exe   Displays user name, full name, and last logon date and time              for each user account across all domain controllers.Usrtogrp.exe  Adds users to local and global groups from a text file.Dumpel.exe    Dumps an event log to a file.Netwatch.exe  Graphical utility shows shares and connected users for one              or more servers in a single window.Pathman.exe   Command-line utility to modify the system and user path              environment statements.PERMCOPY.exe  Copies permissions from one share to another.Perms.exe     Displays a user's permissions to files and directories on an              NTFS volume.Regkey.exe    Graphical utility to modify the registry to change settings              for the shutdown button on the logon screen, to display the              last logged on user, whether to parse the Autoexec.bat file              for path and environment variables, to specify the number of              profiles cached, to specify the default wallpaper, and              whether to generate long file names on the FAT file system.Rmtshare.exe  Remotely view and create shares.Scopy.exe     Copies files between NTFS file systems and retains all file              and directory permissions.Showacls.exe  Displays NTFS permissions for files, folders, and directory              trees.Shutdown.exe  Command-line utility to remotely shut down and reboot              Windows NT computers.Shutgui.exe   Graphical utility to remotely shutdown and reboot Windows NT              computers.Srvinfo.exe   Utility that lists lots of information for local and remote              Windows NT computers. To get all the information, you must              be an administrator of the remote machine. Some of the              information listed includes Windows NT type, build number,              domain name, Primary Domain Controller (PDC), IP address,              drive space, and services running.Timeserv.exe  A service (available only with NT 4.0 Server Resource Kit)              that keeps the local system clock synchronized with              a Time server that is independent of a logged on user.Whoami.exe    Lists the user account who spawned the CMD process.Winat.exe     Graphical utility to administer and schedule processes using              the Scheduler service.				

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