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How to connect to the Internet with Windows CE

This article describes how to configure Windows CE to connect to theInternet using Remote Networking.
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Windows CE has built-in support for connecting to an Internet serviceprovider (ISP) using a PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) account. SLIP supportis not available; TCP/IP is the only protocol supported by Windows CE.

Getting Started

To connect to the Internet, you need a PPP account with an ISP. You alsoneed the following information from your ISP:

  • User name
  • Password
  • Local access phone number
  • Your host and domain name
  • DNS server IP address
  • Authentication technique (whether or not a terminal window is used)
Your ISP may also supply you with an IP address if you use a dedicated IPaddress every time you dial in.

How to Create and Configure a New Connection

  1. Tap the Start button, tap Programs, and then double-tap Communications.
  2. Double-tap Remote Networking, and then double-tap Make New Connection.
  3. Type the name of your ISP in the "Type a name for the connection" box, tap Dial-up Connection, and then tap Next.
  4. Tap your modem in the Select A Modem box, and then type your ISP's phone number.
  5. If your ISP requires you to manually log in to your PPP account after you connect, tap Configure. On the Port Settings tab, tap the Use Terminal Window After Dialing check box so that it is selected, and then tap OK.
  6. Tap TCP/IP Settings. Enter your DNS server address and the proper settings for your IP address, and then tap OK. If you are unsure of these settings, contact your ISP.
  7. Tap Finish. Once the connection is created, an icon appears in the Remote Networking folder. Double-tap the icon to connect to the Internet.

How to Connect to Your PPP Account

  1. Tap the Start button, tap Programs, and then double-tap Communications.
  2. Double-tap Remote Networking, and then double-tap the connection's icon.
  3. In the Connect To dialog box, enter the appropriate information, and then tap Connect.

    If you selected the Use Terminal Window After Dialing check box, enter you logon information when the terminal window appears. After you enter your user name and password, tap Continue. The order in which you log in and the information you have to provide may vary for your ISP. Please contact your provider if you have any questions about the logon procedure.
After the Connected To dialog box appears, you are connected to theInternet.
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