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How To Connect to SQL Server Using a Trusted Connection in VFP

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SQL Server can be installed utilizing either Standard, Windows NTIntegrated or Mixed security. The Trusted Connection is available onlyunder Windows NT.

When creating a new DataSource to SQL Server via the ODBC dialog box in the Control Panel of a client machine, there is a radio button check box in step 2 with the label"With Windows NT authentication using the network login ID." Checking this option requests a trustedconnection to SQL Server regardless of the security mode of the server. Forinformation about the SQL Server login security mode and trustedconnections, see the Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's Companion.

Once a DataSource has been created using a Trusted Connection, a connectioncan be created without supplying a user name and password. The user'sWindows NT userid must exist on SQL Server.

To connect from Visual FoxPro via an available DataSource:

  1. Create a DataSource with the Trusted Connection box checked.
  2. In a program or Command window type: x=sqlconnect("datasource name here").
  3. Print the value of x, such as "? x". If x returns a positive number, then a valid connection was established.
To connect from Visual FoxPro via an available connection from a Window NTmachine:

  1. Open up a project in Visual FoxPro.
  2. Select Connections.
  3. Select New.
  4. Choose a valid DataSource with the Trusted connection option checked.
  5. Leave the userid and password text boxes empty.
    1. Visual FoxPro 5.0 and 6 allows you to verify the connection via a command button.
  6. Select Remote Views from the project.
  7. Select New.
  8. Use the Connection created by the steps above.

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