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The following versions of PowerPoint support TrueType font embedding:
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 97 for Windows
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 95, versions 7.0, 7.0a, 7.0b
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows, versions 4.0, 4.0a, 4.0c
TrueType font embedding is a method for including TrueType fonts withyour presentation, so that if you open the presentation on a computerthat has a different set of fonts installed, the text in that presentationstill uses the original fonts.

NOTE: Some TrueType fonts cannot be embedded. These fonts have copyrightrestrictions built in to them.

If you open a PowerPoint 4.0 or 7.0 presentation in PowerPoint 97, andthat presentation contains embedded fonts, those fonts appear correctlyuntil you save and re-open the presentation. When you re-open thepresentation, the fonts still have the correct names, but theydisplay and print using substitute fonts (fonts which are actuallyinstalled on your computer.)
PowerPoint 97 supports Edit-level TrueType font embedding. This means thatif you open a presentation that contains embedded fonts, you can use thosefonts on other text within the same presentation, but you can't use themin other presentations.

There are other levels of TrueType font embedding. PowerPoint 4.0, forexample, supports Install-level. When you open a PowerPoint 4.0presentation that contains embedded TrueType fonts in PowerPoint 4.0,PowerPoint actually installs those fonts on your computer. You can thenuse those fonts in other presentations or even in other programs.

Because PowerPoint 97 cannot embed TrueType fonts in presentations thatare saved as version 7.0 or version 4.0 files, the fonts in yourpresentation may look different on other computers if you do one ormore of the following:
  • Use the Pack and Go Wizard to pack your presentation
  • Save your presentation as PowerPoint 95 & 97 format file
  • Save your presentation as an ActiveX PowerPoint Animation.
NOTE: If you export your presentation as a series of HTML documents (Webpages), this issue does not apply. When PowerPoint converts a presentationto HTML, each individual slide is saved as a GIF or a JPEG image. Theseimages are self-sufficient; they include pictures of your slide text inthe font that you chose. It doesn't matter whether the font is installedon your audience's computers or not.
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