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One file that is included with Microsoft Excel 97 is a workbook thatcontains examples for using Microsoft Excel. This workbook, calledSamples.xls, is located in the following folder:
   C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Examples				
This article contains a brief summary of the contents of the Samples.xlsworkbook.
The Samples.xls workbook contains eight worksheets: a table of contentsworksheet, and seven worksheets that are dedicated to a specific topic.Each worksheet is described in this section.


This worksheet contains introductory information, disclaimers, and linksto the other worksheets.

Worksheet Functions

This worksheet contains information about suppressing error values informulas and using the Lookup Wizard to find values in tables ofinformation.


This worksheet contains information about using arrays in Visual Basic forApplications macros. Two links to Visual Basic modules that contain samplecode are also available.

Repeating Tasks

This worksheet contains information about using different types ofloops in Visual Basic macros: For...Each loops, For...Each loops, andDo...loops. The worksheet also contains four links to Visual Basic modulesthat contain sample code.

Chart Labels

This worksheet contains an example that shows you how to add labels topoints in an xy (scatter) chart. Sample data, a sample chart, and a link tothe Visual Basic macros that create and remove the labels are available onthis worksheet.

Data Access

This worksheet contains detailed information about using Data AccessObjects (DAO) to work with databases using Visual Basic macros. Numerouslinks to sample Visual Basic macros are available.

Office Automation

This worksheet contains information about controlling Word 97, MicrosoftAccess 97, PowerPoint 97, Outlook 97, and Office Binder 97 using a macro inMicrosoft Excel 97. Links to sample code are available.


This worksheet contains information about programming with events inMicrosoft Excel 97. The events that are covered include BeforeDoubleClick,Change, and BeforeClose. Sample code is contained in this worksheet.
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