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SID Values For Default Windows NT Installations

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Many User Accounts, Local Groups, and Global Groups have a defaultSecurity Identifier (SID) or Relative Identifier (RID) value across allinstallations of Windows NT. These values can be displayed by using theutility Getsid.exe from the Windows NT Resource Kit.
The following information was taken from a Domain Controller namedDomainName. The default groups differ on a Windows NT Workstation orServer installation, and if they are not a member of a domain, then thecomputer name would be considered the authority.

The values below that have a full SID value will differ on allinstallations, but the RID value at the end of the SID is the same acrossall installations.

NOTE: The values in parentheses is the hexadecimal values of the RID.

Built-In Users

DOMAINNAME\ADMINISTRATORS-1-5-21-917267712-1342860078-1792151419-500     (=0x1F4)DOMAINNAME\GUESTS-1-5-21-917267712-1342860078-1792151419-501     (=0x1F5)				

Built-In Global Groups

DOMAINNAME\DOMAIN ADMINSS-1-5-21-917267712-1342860078-1792151419-512     (=0x200)DOMAINNAME\DOMAIN USERSS-1-5-21-917267712-1342860078-1792151419-513     (=0x201)DOMAINNAME\DOMAIN GUESTSS-1-5-21-917267712-1342860078-1792151419-514     (=0x202)				

Built-In Local Groups

BUILTIN\ADMINISTRATORS     S-1-5-32-544          (=0x220)BUILTIN\USERS              S-1-5-32-545          (=0x221)BUILTIN\GUESTS             S-1-5-32-546          (=0x222)BUILTIN\ACCOUNT OPERATORS  S-1-5-32-548          (=0x224)BUILTIN\SERVER OPERATORS   S-1-5-32-549          (=0x225)BUILTIN\PRINT OPERATORS    S-1-5-32-550          (=0x226)BUILTIN\BACKUP OPERATORS   S-1-5-32-551          (=0x227)BUILTIN\REPLICATOR         S-1-5-32-552          (=0x228)				

Special Groups

\CREATOR OWNER             S-1-3-0\EVERYONE                  S-1-1-0NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK       S-1-5-2NT AUTHORITY\INTERACTIVE   S-1-5-4NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM        S-1-5-18NT AUTHORITY\authenticated users   S-1-5-11 *NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE S-1-5-19 NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE S-1-5-20			

* For Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 and later only
credentials trust

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