How to Enable the DHCP Logging Feature in Windows NT 4.0 SP 2

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Windows NT Server 4.0 Service Pack 2 includes a new feature, DHCP Logging.This activity log feature creates a text log file of all DHCP serveractivity.
To enable this feature, perform the following steps:
  1. Go to DHCP Manager.
  2. Select the DHCP server that you want to enable logging on.
  3. On the Server menu, click Properties.
  4. Click to select the Enable DHCP Logging check box.

The path to the log file is Windir%\System32\Dhcp\Dhcpsrv.log. When theactivity log feature is enabled, this file will be kept open by DHCP serverwhile the server is running. To delete the activity log file, you mustfirst stop the DHCP Server service by typing the following at a commandprompt:
If available disk space becomes low, the activity log will pause untilsufficient disk space becomes available to continue.

You must also stop and restart the DHCP Service after enabling or disablingLogging, Superscopes, or DHCP Decline support.
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