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INFO: Table of Charset Name, Charset Value, and Code Page Number

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The following table shows the correlation of Charset name, Charset Valueand Codepage number:
Charset Name       Charset Value(hex)  Codepage number------------------------------------------------------DEFAULT_CHARSET           1 (x01)SYMBOL_CHARSET            2 (x02)OEM_CHARSET             255 (xFF)ANSI_CHARSET              0 (x00)            1252RUSSIAN_CHARSET         204 (xCC)            1251EE_CHARSET              238 (xEE)            1250GREEK_CHARSET           161 (xA1)            1253TURKISH_CHARSET         162 (xA2)            1254BALTIC_CHARSET          186 (xBA)            1257HEBREW_CHARSET          177 (xB1)            1255ARABIC _CHARSET         178 (xB2)            1256SHIFTJIS_CHARSET        128 (x80)             932HANGEUL_CHARSET         129 (x81)             949GB2313_CHARSET          134 (x86)             936CHINESEBIG5_CHARSET     136 (x88)             950				

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