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PUB97: Raffle Ticket Wizard Uses Same Number on All Tickets

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When you use the Specialty PageWizard Design Assistant to create aRaffle Ticket publication, there is no option to create a series oftickets with different numbers. If several copies of the ticket areprinted, they will all have the same number, which is 000001 by default.
Use the Mail Merge feature in Publisher to create tickets with aseries of different numbers. To do this,
  1. Use the Specialty PageWizard to create the Raffle Ticket publication.
  2. Delete the number 00001 from both parts of the ticket. Be careful not to delete the text frames.
  3. On the Mail Merge menu, click Create Publisher Address List.
  4. In the New Address List dialog box, click Customize. Delete all of the suggested address list fields.
  5. Create one new field called Number by clicking Add New Field, typing the name of the field, and then clicking OK.
  6. Create a record (New Entry) with a number for each of the raffle tickets you want to create. When you are done, click Close.
  7. Type a name for the address list file (give it a .mdb file extension). Click Save.
  8. Click one of the text frames in which you want to enter a number.
  9. On the Mail Merge menu, click Open Data Source.
  10. Click the button next to "Merge information from a file that I already have".
  11. Select the file you created in step 7 and then click Open.
  12. In the Fields list, select the Number field that you created in step 5. Click Insert. The text frame contains the following information:
  13. Click the second text frame.

    The Insert Fields dialog box is a modeless dialog box, which means you can select objects in the publication while the dialog box is open. If the object you want to select is behind the dialog box, drag it away from the object. To reactivate the dialog box, click anywhere on the dialog box.
  14. Click Insert. The second text frame contains the following information:
  15. Click Close.
  16. On the File menu, click Print Merge.
  17. In the Print Merge dialog box, specify how many tickets you want to print. Click Page Options if you want to view and/or modify the page setup. By default Publisher will print six tickets per page.
More information
Publisher 97 supports several formats for its data source, so it ispossible to use a data source created in another application if it hasthe ability to create a series of consecutive numbers without having toactually type each number. To view a list of the supported file formats,click Open Data Source on the Mail Merge menu. In the Open Data Sourcedialog box, click the Files of Type arrow.

For additional information, click Show Index on the Help menu, typeData in the Type A Keyword box, and thenclick the "Defined" topic.
Microsoft Publisher 97 Companion, pp. 176-178.
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