Program Settings Lost After Internet Explorer Setup or Uninstall

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After you install or remove Internet Explorer, settings for a programmay be lost.
This problem can occur if the program uses a configuration file to recorduser-defined settings and the program is not closed before you install orremove Internet Explorer.

The settings are lost because Internet Explorer Setup closes any runningprograms without allowing them to finish running processes, which preventsthe program from saving settings to a configuration file.
To prevent this problem, quit all running programs before installing oruninstalling Internet Explorer.

NOTE: Before uninstalling a beta version of Internet Explorer 5, please verify the updated version of Java is installed. To do this, type jview at an MS-DOS Prompt, and then press ENTER. If the version number is 5.00.3155 or 5.00.3158 and you installed the Microsoft virtual machine (Microsoft VM) from the Windows Update Web site, install version 3167 of the Microsoft VM from the following Microsoft Web site before you uninstall Internet Explorer 5 Beta:
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Allow programs to continue running before installing or uninstallingInternet Explorer 4.0 may cause temporary (.tmp) files to be left on thehard disk, or may cause unsaved program settings to be lost.
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