OFF97: How to Configure Setup.stf to Exclude Photo Editor

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In Microsoft Office 97, it is possible to customize a post-administrativeinstallation (setup /a) so that when your users run Office 97 Setup,Microsoft Photo Editor is not available for installation and none of theMicrosoft Photo Editor components are installed.

This article explains how to perform this task by editing the OfficeSetup .stf file.
WARNING: This modification may not be supported by Microsoft. Microsoftsupport professionals will support some modifications to a BACKUP copy of theSetup.stf file. Note also that while support professionals may help customersmodify specific lines of an STF, we will not rewrite the entire file inorder to achieve a desired configuration. As a general rule, support islimited to options that can normally be changed by a user during a standardinstallation of the application.

NOTE: The following steps work only if you first perform an administrativeinstallation (setup /a) of Office 97 to a server on your network. If youare performing a stand-alone installation using the Office 97 compact disc,you cannot use the steps in this article.

Before you perform the following steps, make a backup copy of theOff97pro.stf or Off97std.stf file on your server. Rename the file toBackup.stf and do not open or edit it for any reason.

  1. Edit the .STF file in a text editor such as Microsoft Word, Wordpad, or Notepad.

    NOTE: MS-DOS Editor should NOT be used to modify the SETUP.STF file. MS- DOS Editor replaces tabs with spaces and will cause the same error. Other text editors that are known to replace tabs with spaces (and are thus unsuitable for modifying the .STF file) are Xtree Gold 2.0 by Executive Systems and QEdit by SemWare Inc.
  2. Find the following Object IDs and delete the corresponding values from the Object Data column on the same line. Make sure you delete the trailing space after each number. Use the table that is appropriate for your version of Office.

    Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition:
          For        Remove the Reference to      ----------------------------------      ObjID 335                      360      ObjID 339                      360      ObjID 340                      360      ObjID 341                      360   						
    Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition, SR-1:
          For        Remove the Reference to      ----------------------------------      ObjID 348                      373      ObjID 352                      373      ObjID 353                      373      ObjID 354                      373   						
    Microsoft Office 97 Standard Edition:
          For        Remove the Reference to      ----------------------------------      ObjID 247                      272      ObjID 251                      272      ObjID 252                      272      ObjID 253                      272   						
    Microsoft Office 97 Standard Edition, SR-1:
          For        Remove the Reference to      ----------------------------------      ObjID 260                      285      ObjID 264                      285      ObjID 265                      285      ObjID 266                      285   						
  3. Save the File. Make sure that the file type is Text.
After you finish these steps, the Microsoft Photo Editor components are notinstalled and do not appear in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel iconfor any user who performs an installation of Office 97 using the modifiedsetup table file (for example, you may call this file Custom.stf).

For more information about using custom setup table files with MicrosoftOffice 97, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
158281OFF97 Err Msg: "Setup Error 544"
XL97 modify edit

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