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How to Determine Your Previous Version of Internet Explorer

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This article describes how to determine your previous version of InternetExplorer after installing Internet Explorer.
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To determine your previous version of Internet Explorer, use theappropriate method:

Internet Explorer 5 Installed

To determine your previous version of Internet Explorer afterinstalling Internet Explorer 5, view the PreviousIESysFile valueunder the following registry key:
Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\IE Setup\Setup
   Value         Version   ---------------------   3.0   3.0   3.01   3.02   4.72.3110.3   Windows 98 Internet Explorer				

Internet Explorer 4.x Installed

To determine your previous version of Internet Explorer after installingInternet Explorer 4.x, view the PreviousIESysFile value under thefollowing registry key:
The following table lists the possible values for the PreviousIESysFileregistry value and the version of Internet Explorer that corresponds toeach:
   Value         Version   ---------------------   3.0   3.0   3.01   3.02				
NOTE: The Internet Explorer 4.0 Uninstall feature is designed to returnyou to a pre-Internet Explorer 4.0 browser. As a result, thePreviousIESysFile value cannot be used to determine if you upgraded aversion of Internet Explorer 4.0 over an earlier Beta version of InternetExplorer 4.0 (even if you did not uninstall the earlier version).

The PreviousIESysFile value is primarily used by the Internet Explorer 4.0uninstall program to determine which components should be removed when youremove Internet Explorer 4.0. The registry contains a RequiredIESysFilevalue for each component. If the RequiredIESysFile value for a particularcomponent is equal to or less than the PreviousIESysFile value, thecomponent is not removed when you remove Internet Explorer 4.0. If theRequiredIESysFile value for a component is greater than thePreviousIESysFile value, the component is removed when you removeInternet Explorer 4.0.
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