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By default, Windows NT 4.0 unattended setup uses a detection method todetermine which video driver to use. If no video driver can beinitialized, the default VGA driver will be used.

The following types of video adapters are known not to be automaticallydetected in Windows NT 4.0:
  • 8514a
  • Trident
  • VGA
To prepare for the installation of an OEM video driver, perform thefollowing steps:
  1. Copy the I386 directory from the Windows NT 4.0 compact disc to aserver, and then share the directory.
  2. In the I386 directory, create an $OEM$ directory.
  3. In the $OEM$ directory, create a Textmode directory.
  4. Copy the OEM video drivers to the Textmode directory created inStep 3(XXXXXXXX.dll, XXXXXXXX.sys).
  5. Create a Txtsetup.oem file and place it in the Textmode directory. Thisfile tells Windows NT Setup how to install the DLL and SYS drivers, andhow to configure the registry.

    To simplify the creation of the Txtsetup.oem file, copy the exampleprovided and save it as Txtsetup.oem.

    The following is the format for Txtsetup.oem. In most cases, this filerequires very little modification:
    [Disks]d1 = "OEM Video Disk",\OEMVideo.tag,\ [Defaults]DISPLAY = S3Virge[DISPLAY]S3Virge = "S3 Virge - OEM"[Files.display.S3Virge]driver = d1,s3virge.sys,s3virgedll = d1,s3virge.dll[Config.s3virge]value=device0,InstalledDisplayDrivers,REG_MULTI_SZ,S3ViRGEvalue=device0,VgaCompatible,REG_DWORD,0						

    This is a standard Txtsetup.oem file that installa the S3 Virgevideo driver that is supplied in the Drvlib directory on the WindowsNT 4.0 compact disc.
  6. Add OEMPreInstall = YES to the [Unattended] section of the answer file.

    This is used to tell Setup that the $OEM$ directory is going to be usedduring setup. For example:
    [Unattended]OemPreInstall = Yes						
  7. Ensure that the NtUpgrade value in the Unattend section of Unattend.txtis not set to Yes.
    [Unattended]NtUpgrade = yes						

    If NtUpgrade is set to Yes, the installation appears to run normally,but the OEM drivers will not be installed. If you need NtUpgrade set toYes, you can perform the following steps to automate the procedure:
    1. Use the RunOnce key as described in the following MicrosoftKnowledge Base article:
      167012 Setting Control Panel Tools to Start After UnattendedSetup
    2. Place the command "Rundll32 Shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL Desk.cpl@0,3" (case sensitive) in the Run-once key to bring up the desktoptool and have it open to the Settings tab.
    3. You can then create a script that installs the OEM drivers.
  8. Add the [DisplayDrivers] section to the answer file.
    [DisplayDrivers]"S3 Virge - OEM" = "OEM"[Display]BitsPerPel = 16XResolution = 800YResolution = 600VRefresh = 60AutoConfirm = 1						
  9. Add the [OEMBootFIles] section to the answer file.

    The example provided is only part of the answer file needed for acomplete Windows NT 4.0 unattended installation.
The following is an example for the Matrox Millennium drivers supplied byMatrox from its download service. Steps 1-8 above are the same, thedifference being the name of the driver files, option name, and theregistry options.
[Disks]d1 = "OEM Video Disk",\oemvideo.tag,\ [Defaults]DISPLAY = MGA64[DISPLAY]MGA64 = "my mga64 driver - oem"[Files.display.mga64]driver = d1,mga64.sys,mga64dll = d1,mga64.dll[Config.mga64]value=device0,InstalledDisplayDrivers,REG_MULTI_SZ,mga64value=device0,VgaCompatible,REG_DWORD,0				

The following is an example of the required information needed in theunattended answer file:
[Unattended]OemPreInstall = Yes[DisplayDrivers]"my mga64 driver - oem" = "OEM"[Display]BitsPerPel = 16XResolution = 800YResolution = 600VRefresh = 60AutoConfirm = 1[OEMBootfiles]MGA64.SYSMGA64.DLLTXTSETUP.OEM				

NOTE: This method of installing video drivers will only install the videodriver itself. Additional utilities or applications provided by themanufacturer will have to be installed through other methods. Contact thevideo driver vendor for information on automation options for theirproducts.

The products listed here are manufactured by vendors independent ofMicrosoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding theseproducts' performance or reliability.

For the latest information on Windows NT deployment, download the WindowsNT 4.0 Deployment Guide from the following location:For additional information, please see the following articles in theMicrosoft Knowledge Base:
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