Microsoft DNS Server Reverse Lookup Error Adding Host Record

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When adding a host record to Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Domain Name Service(DNS) Server, if you check "Create Associated PTR Record" and click Add, adialog box appears with the message:
   Warning: Creation of the associated pointer record failed, probably   because the referenced Reverse-Lookup zone could not be found.				

NOTE: This error does not occur if the Reverse-Lookup zone already exists.
This record is caused by a missing or incorrectly defined reverse lookupzone.
For instructions on creating a DNS Reverse-lookup zone see the entry"Creating a Primary Zone in the domain" in the How To sectionof the online help for Microsoft Windows NT DNS Manager. The following listidentifies some common problems and examples of invalid reverse-lookupzones and steps to correct them.
  • A reverse-lookup is not entered at all.
  • A zone name entered without a period between the address and the section of the name, or with a period instead of a hyphen between 'in' and 'addr':
          Incorrect:      Incorrect:      Correct:						
  • The network number is not correctly entered, such as (assuming an IP address of 10.10.6.x):
          Incorrect:      Correct:						
  • A domain name is entered instead of
          Incorrect:      Correct:						
  • An incorrectly subnetted reverse-lookup zone is entered.

    For additional information, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    ARTICLE-ID: 174419
    TITLE : How to Configure a Subnetted Reverse Lookup Zone on Windows NT

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